Benefits Of Vinegar

Vinegar is known for its innumerable usage in a household, ranging from acting as a cleaning agent to a cooking aid to a host of other usages. Mainly an acetic acid it is obtained by the fermentation of ethanol. It has an acidic taste but can be flavored with any number of flavoring agents.

There are hundreds of flavored vinegars floating in the market. Even though vinegar is mainly known for its usage in the kitchen for enhancing the taste and flavors of various dishes like salads, marinades, sauces and a myriad of other items, however there is more to this liquid than meets the eye. Vinegar has been known to be used for its health benefits.

There are different claims made by different cultures about the health benefits of vinegar. Even though there have been many claims made about its usefulness however there has been no medical records or researches made about vinegar’s health benefits. Among all the vinegars, Apple Cider is the one which medicine men claim to be of most benefits.

Skin and hair: White vinegar is supposedly effective for treating warts as it contains ascetic acid which helps to kill the warts. Vinegar also helps in adding shine to lackluster hair and is also claimed to be able to get rid of dandruff. Sunburn is also effectively soothed by using a little vinegar on the affected area.

Cholesterol and Blood pressure: Although there have been no studies done to prove the genuineness of these claims, however many have reported the reduction of cholesterol levels in their bodies and also the lowering of blood pressure after the usage of vinegar. Vinegar is supposedly rich in dietary fibers which help in absorbing the bad cholesterol from the body. With regards to the blood pressure, vinegar contains potassium which in turn helps to control the level.

Sore throat and cold: Again there have been many claims made by users to have been benefitted with the usage of vinegar to get rid of persistent cold and sore throat. Gargling with a fifty-fifty solution of water and vinegar is supposedly very good for sore throats.

Diet: Using vinegar in the regular food seems to make a person feel full for a longer time thus reducing the food cravings and also the intake of food. Also a study done on the benefits of vinegar on Diabetes patients yielded another finding which is a moderate amount of weight loss after the consumption of vinegar before food.

Diabetes: There has been some research done in the field of the effect of vinegar on the treatment of Diabetes type II. A research done in 2004 involving 29 volunteers has shown that intake of vinegar before meals have significantly improved their blood glucose levels.

Like all alternative medicines the claims made are hardly verified but that does not mean that they are untrue. However the opportunistic manufacturers are never far behind to utilize the beliefs of the common man and come up with their own exaggerated claims and unrealistic promises. Also like any other health remedies, vinegar is not without its side effects and consumption of these acidic liquid without supervision and test might prove very risky. Also it is not recommended to combine two types of treatment and hence it is prudent to first check with your physician if you are already on medication.