Benefits of Yoga

Yoga refers to a practice that originated in India about three thousand years ago and that bring about complete liberation of mental, verbal and physical health of a person.

It is basically a scientific system that brings about emancipation of both mind and body entailing us to experience good health, happiness and peace of mind. Involving yoga to be a part of our life can help us to improve the excellence of life we lead and at the same time extend our prolific years.

Different people consider yoga for its different benefits. Some consider it way to repel your mind from the worldly desire while other find it a way for good health and healthy living. Some other people may practice yoga to find peace and reduction in the stress level. You might be considering yoga for any of the benefits but surely it can form a practical way to achieve your target.

The philosophy of yoga is based on the tuning of mind and body which is done with using breathing which can help to energize and bind a person mind and body in a single chord. When a person concentrates on his breathing he gets know the inner self and feels a union of self with the surroundings.

The major branches of yoga
according to Indian philosophy include raja yoga, karma yoga, gyana yoga, bhakti yoga and hatha yoga. Bhakti yoga is done generally through devotion while raj yoga is done through self control and hatha yoga is done through postures. Similarly gyana yoga and karma yoga is done through knowledge and service respectively.

Many individuals believe that yoga is just stretching of body parts. This is not true on a whole as though stretching is involved in form of poses and postures; the practice of yoga is mainly about creating a balance by developing control and flexibility.

There is alterations and modifications in these postures which helps to build the stamina if performed at a slower rate or can even help to increase the energy and if done slowly. Basically the poses are steady, but the approach of attaining a posture varies accordingly.