Detoxify Naturally: Check Out The Best Natural Methods For Detoxification

Detoxify Naturally

Detoxify NaturallyDetoxifying sessions seem to be the new mantra of the modern times and all the spas and beauty therapists have caught up with the act and included de-tox regimes in their packages.

But luxuriating in a health spa is not everyone’s cup of tea and mostly limited to the upper elite class; who has both the time and the money to invest in such sessions. But that does not necessarily mean that the rest of the masses have to be deprived of the benefits of detoxification.

The fact is that detoxification is an involuntary process; which we all do every day; in order to keep the chemical balance of our body intact. Breathing out carbon dioxide, urinating and bowel movements are all natural forms of detoxification which we do every day.

In earlier days, the simple routine life people led ensured that they had a naturally fit body which did not require much in terms of voluntary cleansing. The basic food and daily routine in itself was a natural detoxifier for them. But as times have developed, people have moved away from routine and given way to haphazard living and eating habits.Besides, climate changes, lack of physical activities and, pollutants in air and, water etc. have also impacted negatively in the human body.

Hence, the need for voluntary detoxification has become mandatory in the present times. Any time you feel bloated or lethargic, or if you do not follow a particular eating routine or habit, then you might consider applying these easy, natural means to detoxify your body from time to time.

Drink up:

When toxins get stored inside our body in excess, the only way to get rid of them is to excrete them fast. Besides, your body tends to become dehydrated because of the toxins overload. Drinking fluids and juices have been a common and effective way to get rid of the harmful toxins accumulated inside your body. If you feel that you have indulged in too much junk or rich food over the weekend, you can consider drinking fruit and vegetable juices for the next two days.

The sucrose content in the juices helps to maintain the energy levels and the fluid content in the juices flushes out toxins fast. You need to stay away from drinks like aerated beverages, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, tea etc. Instead, you can choose to include lot of herbal and green tea in your diet which is wonderful to cleanse your system. The more you urinate, the lighter you feel and hence the more fluids you drink, the better will be the result.

Break a leg:

Another way to excrete the excess toxins stored inside your body is through sweat. Dance and exercise are refreshing and energizing ways to keep your system healthy and balanced. It is best, to increase the quantity of time of your daily workout routine, a couple of days before attending any parties and continue with it till a couple of days after.

The body easily adapts to a routine and might not be effective if you follow the same exercise routine. So, walking or jogging an extra mile, or going for a trekking or hiking trip will inject the kind of variation that your body requires. It is also important to keep in mind that you will need to consume a lot of fluids during this time and that excludes colas, coffee and alcohol and, should include a lot of fruit and vegetable juices.

Eat away:

There are several foods which help in cleansing our body and flushing out the harmful toxins. Including these in your diet will ensure that you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals and at the same time detoxify your body. Some of these wonder foods which should be included in your diet are dandelion root, garlic, ginger root, lemons, herbs like cilantro, parsley and mint, spices like Cayenne pepper, cinnamon etc.

Garlic and Cayenne pepper is known for its blood cleansing abilities, ginger for being a blood and sweat stimulant, parsley for flushing out toxins and cilantro and mint for their blood purifying properties. Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are also essential for a healthy and balanced system. These foods were a part of the regular diet of ancient Sages and Rishis who led a healthy long life with none of the common diseases prevalent these days.


Although fasting is a holistic and spiritual ritual followed in many religions and sects, it has a scientific factor too. People have started following fasting as a detoxification method owing to several reasons. The body accumulates a lot of extra fat and toxins which are needed to be eliminated through some process apart from the natural detoxification methods. Fasting allows the body to rest after binging on too much food and also help it use the extra fat which has been stored inside the body.

Although, fasting with only water is followed by many, experts recommend a more timid version of these extreme fasting. The fasting should be a blend of eating natural detox foods which will include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of fluids like clear soups, herbal teas, juices and water. Cabbage and clear soups are your best friends during this time. The green vegetables will keep your energy levels intact and the fluids will help to flush out the toxins from your body.

It is important to remember that it is not enough to only detoxify your body and flush out the toxins but at the same time, you should also ensure that you are including enough essential nutrients and vitamins in your daily intake. Also, just because you are following a detox routine at times does not mean that you can turn a blind eye towards your lifestyle, the rest of the times.

You should maintain a healthy balanced diet and include plenty of exercises to help your body remain fit naturally. You should also be aware about the negative impacts of blindly aping any detoxification or cleansing routines which promises to deliver instant results. Following a regime which is not complete and accurate can prove to be more harmful than beneficial for your body.

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