Bladder Infection Treatment With Cranberry Pills

A number of studies have disclosed that at least one in five women may have to suffer from bladder infections during a year. To the contrary, men may not contract the diseases in their lifetime. The causes of bladder infections include sexual intercourse, as in women, the bacteria find easy way to enter into the urinary bladder.

Cranberry pills help stopping these bacteria to settle in the urinary tract. It also helps in getting rid of other toxin-producing organisms from the body.

Causes of bladder infections

Bladder infection occurs when micro-organisms like E. coli and S. saprophyticus enter the urethra through the gut. In women, the coliform bacteria breed in the urinary tract. This happens due to the wiping of fecal matter in an incorrect manner after a discharge. In men, there is a risk of bladder infection when kidney stones pass into the bladder from ureters.

Bladder infections in men also occur when the prostate gland expands and hinder the movement of urine. This promotes the breeding of bacteria in the urethra that may lead to a chronic bladder infection.

Its symptoms and risks

One of the first symptoms of bladder infection includes feeling an urgent need to visit the bathroom repeatedly even with very less amount of urine in the bladder. It is also accompanied by uneasiness during the discharge. A burning pain in the abdomen may continue for more than a week.

The exaggerated conditions may include a continuing impulse to vomit, irritation in the genital area during sexual intercourse and involuntary excretion of urine. One should immediately visit the doctor if he/she experiences these signs of bladder infection.

Prevention and Treatment

There are a number of measures that help in the prevention of bladder infections that include bringing a change in the lifestyle. An increase in the intake of water flushes out harmful organisms from the body due to a regular discharge of urine.Cranberry pills and cranberry juice is consistently recommended by several doctors and health care professionals for people suffering from bladder infections.

Various studies prove the effectiveness of cranberry extracts in bladder infection treatment as they eliminate and wipe out harmful bacteria from the bowel. Intake of cranberry pills provides many health benefits, such as fighting off bladder cancer.