How Blood Clots Cure With Natural Remedies

Blood Clots

Blood clotting may occur in the blood vessels anywhere within the body.This is, mainly, caused by the blood coagulation during any external or internal injury.Blood clots may travel from heart, veins, etc. to blood vessels of the other regions leading to hindrance of oxygen flow in the nearby tissues.

Blood Clots

This phenomenon is extremely dangerous as it may lead to severe chest pain and even heart attack. Infection as well as inflammation may spread to other organs if the clot is not treated on time. Blood Clots can be cured actively with the help of natural remedies. A brief explanation of these remedies is given in this article:

Importance Of Weight Reduction

It is very important to keep your body weight under control as it can lead to severe thrombosis.Overweight and excessive fat deposition can hamper the blood circulation within the body and ultimately produce blood clots.Hence, it is extremely essential to burn the extra calories from the body.

You can achieve it by practicing exercises regularly and by following a proper diet plan. You should consume lots of fruits and vegetables that keep your system healthy.You should also avoid fried foods, processed foods, sugar, alcohols, etc.

proper exercise

Importance Of Walking

Walking is one of the best-known cardio-vascular exercises for curing blood clots and is suitable for most of the people. It is recommended to walk for at least 30-45 minutes every morning in order to stay fit and to keep your heart strong.

Walking is very useful for breaking the clots into smaller fragments. This, in turn, helps in maintaining the blood circulation of your body. Walking is also beneficial for supplying fresh oxygen to the heart and other tissues.


Importance Of Healing The Injuries

Cuts or injuries at any part of the body may result into heavy blood coagulation in that area.These lumps can restrict normal blood flow within the vessels and thereby, create serious infections.Therefore, you should treat these diseases as soon as possible with the help of ointments, medicines or even surgeries.


Some Important Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are, perhaps, the best natural remedies available for treating any ailment. Several herbs are applied in order to cure blood clots. Some of them are as follows:

Garlic is an essential herb which contains allicin. This component is useful for maintaining the liquid state of the blood.


Turmeric, having enzymes (LOX and COX-2), is suitable for arresting coagulation of platelets.

You can also consume ginger in the form of juice, spice or candies in order to restrict blood clot formation.

Yarrow extract can give great relief from blood clotting. You should consume one tablespoon of yarrow juice or one cup of its tea thrice daily in order to achieve better results.


Gingko biloba, enriched with flavanoids and terpenoids, is another useful remedy for enhancing blood circulation, thereby, preventing heart attacks and clots.

You can also prepare an herbal tea by boiling horse chestnut, witch hazel and sweet clover along with water and consume this thrice daily. This helps in re-activating the blood cells after an injury.

hearbal tea