Body Brushing: To Reveal Smooth And Glowing Skin

An upsurge of lifeless and dead skin cells can lead to the origin of many a problems like dryness of the skin, pores getting clogged or your skin getting stiff and dull.

The only way to get rid of all these problems is to remove dead skin layers every day thereby renewing skin & making it soft to touch; thus restoring a healthy shine on it. For this body brushing can be the complete solution.

Body brushing not only is a way to improve your skin’s looks by clearing of the dirt, bacteria, and dead cells from the skin surface as well as spores but it is a great way to increase blood circulation.Basically the massaging action of the body brushing leads to blood circulation stimulation. This in turn improves the availability of oxygen and other nutrients to the skin.

The traditional method of skin brushing used to make use of dried fibers of the silk squash which is also called as loofah. However, these days the dried fibers are replaced by body brushes made up of natural fibers and the long handles, which make the body exfoliation and cleaning an easier task.

Body brushing is also known as dry brushing as this treatment of skin is done on a dry body preferably before having a bath and once you have your dead skin removed it makes your skin more permeable to any skin care product you use like moisturizers and body lotions and thereby your skin care products can benefit you more.

In the morning, prior to taking a bath, flounce the brush over each and every surface of the body apart from the face or other sensitive area. Also remember to keep way your brush from cuts, wounds and bruises and areas with varicose veins.

Make use of extended soft strokes with the brush to exfoliate the body. Start the body brushing by brushing your soles of your feet. Since the dead cells are found more in these areas and they tend o accumulate making these areas quite rigid it is necessary that you apply a firm pressure to remove these tough skin.

Once you are done with your feet move in the direction of your heart covering the legs, knees, thighs and buttocks in an upward direction. You can then move towards your chest and back area and brush it with downward strokes and in conclusion sweep across the shoulders. Body brushing on the hips and thighs are also effectual to diminish the outward show of cellulite s.

You should take a shower after body brushing to wash off the dead skin cells that has got loosened by brushing and then apply a good quality moisturizing lotion.