Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a holistic technique which make use of massages in order to bring a balance the mind and body.

On one hand it works on the elimination of the mental blocks and stress level of the person while on the other hand it helps in improving blood circulation and rejuvenates the body.

Any person of whatever age group and sex can make avail of Bowen therapy for getting relief.

Bowen Therapy is basically a multidimensional approach to get respite from pain and getting healed up which has been in practice since the last fifty years based on the recognition of an Australian body worker Tom Bowen.

This technique makes use of the c in order to stimulate the body energy of the system. In fact it has been found effective to treat the fundamental causes or sources of numerous problems of joint mobility, postural problems and other associated troubles.

Bowen techniques main aim is to improve the blood circulation in the body along with elimination of the toxins, and bringing about improvisation in nutrient assimilation, tissue integrity and other physiological mechanisms in the body.

Basically it works on the principle that soft tissue fascia found in the connective tissue which forms a three dimensional network that embraces all the nerves, muscles, arteries, veins and bones and sine it is largest sensory part of the body consisting of a wide range of receptors one can easily treat many body problems by stimulating this soft tissue.

Bowen massage makes use of light massage movements with the help of fingers as well as thumb on a particular area or group of muscle. The massage starts with concentrating on the direction of the muscle group followed by massage movements in the opposite direction in order to produce energy.

Bowen therapy has been found effective in case of sciatica, anorexia, bed wetting, sports injury, stress disorders and various other problems. However sometimes a few change in the daily lifestyle is also recommended in order to gain benefit from Bowen therapy.

Some common recommendations
include avoidance of long sitting hours, intake of caffeine and usage of extremely hot or cold water on the area affected. One is even advised to drink a lot of water in order to flush toxins off the body and inclusion of some walking in the daily routine.