Tips To Burn Baby Fat After Pregnancy


Put on a little more weight than you intended during your pregnancy? You’re not alone. There are so many of us who are sailing or have sailed in the same boat.

Burn Baby Fat

First of all, weight gain is perfectly normal during a pregnancy. In fact, you should stop strenuous exercise, diet plans, diet food and diet pills and eat   wholesome meals that will keep both you and the baby well nourished throughout the pregnancy and after.

There’s only so much we can control and weight gain during pregnancy isn’t one of them. Now that the nine month wait is over and your bundle of joy has arrived, you will be busy getting used to the new schedule.

After some months slip by, you might notice that breastfeeding makes you feel twice as hungry and you’re turning out the larder and refrigerator. This is only quite normal. So what is to be done with all that baby fat that’s weighing you down? Read on.

Make the Right Food Choices

If you want to bust all that baby fat, start by choosing the right kind of food. Don’t be too calorie conscious just stick to healthy portions of food.

A combination of carbohydrates, protein, fruits, vegetables and dried fruit is necessary to combat the fatigue you normally feel after a pregnancy.

Whenever you’re hungry, stave off the cravings by eating something healthy and filling like a sandwich with grilled vegetables and follow up with a small piece of chocolate or some potato crisps.

nutritious diet

Go For A Walk Everyday

Gym sessions and long workouts are not something a new mum can get down to and for medical reasons, may not be safe either. However, you can get rid of baby fat by simply going for a walk. Take the baby along in a pram for a 30 minute stroll in the park.

Get your husband to take care of the baby while you go power walking for an hour. Make sure you spend some time walking everyday. Walking helps the body to lose weight uniformly.


Kegel Exercises

After giving birth, your pelvic muscles are normally weak.The best way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is by doing Kegel exercises.

Tighten your pelvic area as if you were holding in urine, hold for a count of 5 and slowly relax your muscles. Do this for 5 minutes and repeat the exercise whenever you can during the day.

Kegel exercises

Strength And Tummy Toning Exercises

Rebuilding your core is very important not just for losing baby fat but also for a stronger back and firmer abdomen. Deep breathing is an excellent way to shorten the abdomen wall which had expanded while you were carrying your child. You can tone the stomach muscles without shortening the abdominal wall.

Deep breathing combined with an exercise routine like pilates normally works wonders for getting rid of unwanted baby fat. Use an exercise ball to help you with workouts that require you to bend over backwards. All the mentioned exercises can be practiced only after consulting your gynacologist.

Tummy Toning Exercises