Calcium Deficiency Symptoms


Calcium is a vital mineral required to maintain long term good health. Calcium deficiency can cause severe health problems; hence, you should try and prevent occurrence of Calcium deficiency if you observe such symptoms.

Calcium Deficiency Symptoms


Your bones contain Calcium in huge quantity. In other words you can also say that your bones are made up of Calcium. So if there would be Calcium deficiency in your body, your bones would start showing calcium deficiency symptoms.Your bones would become weak and even minor injuries would, fracture them.

Osteoporosis is one of the major symptoms of calcium deficiency. In osteoporosis your bones become porous and brittle and your spine bends. Your bones become prone to fractures even during minor injuries.



Tooth is also made up of calcium. Therefore in case of calcium deficiency in your body your tooth will become weak. Your gums may start bleeding and you may be the victim of gingivitis and peridontitis. Dental caries and tooth decay may also occur. You may also experience pain in your teeth and gums.

weal tooth

Skin and Nails

You can detect calcium deficiency by observing your skin and nails too. In case of calcium deficiency your skin becomes dry. Your nails become brittle and appear dull.

dull nail


You may feel weakness in your muscles due to calcium deficiencies. This mineral helps in contraction of your muscles but due to its deficiency you may experience various other muscle problems such as muscle ache, muscle cramps etc.

body muscles

Blood and Blood Vessels

Calcium plays significant role in blood clotting as well as, contraction and expansion of blood vessels. Calcium deficiency reduces blood vessels power of expansion and contraction which obstructs blood flow in your system. Your blood will take time in clotting (in case of injury) if you have calcium deficiency.

blood vessels

Calcium deficiency also cause sleep problems. If you sweat abnormally in winter, it may be symptom of calcium deficiency.

Calcium deficiency in female can appear as menstrual cramps and other problems related with menstrual cycle. Pregnant women may experience less production of breast milk in case of calcium deficiency.

Calcium deficiencies cause serious problems such as osteopenia, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia.

You should eat calcium rich foods to prevent calcium deficiency.

Calcium rich foods