Causes Of Back Pain And Methods To Relieve It

Backache is a common suffering. People suffer from backache every now and then. Most people do not know how to relieve the pain and continue to suffer from it till the time it gets relieved by itself.

Some suffer from acute backache and in some people, the backache becomes chronic. Here are some methods to relieve back pain.

There are various diseases that are causes of backache. Backache can be due to faulty posture or pressure on the spine and back muscles during pregnancy. Trauma, muscle sprain, injury to muscles can give rise to acute back pain.

Causes of chronic back pain are chronic diseases like osteomyelitis, tuberculosis of the spine, tumors of the spine, osteoporosis in elderly. Back pain can also be caused due to disease of any organ that is present in abdomen like kidney stone. Obesity, overwork are other causes of backache which can be corrected easily.

For the treatment of backache, we should first ascertain the cause of backache. In case of major diseases mentioned above, the right diagnosis and proper management can help you to get rid of backache. If the cause is due to muscle sprain, trauma, poor posture, you can use the following methods. They will help to reduce the back pain.

Hot fomentation helps to relieve back pain. Use of hot water bag or electric hot cushion against the area of back that is paining will help to relieve pain. Warm some coconut oil in a pan and then add 1-2 cloves of garlic with some ginger in it. After the coconut oil becomes hot, remove garlic and ginger from it.

Apply this oil on the affected area and massage gently. It will take away the pain. Make hot fomentation of Epsom salt and apply to the affected part. It helps to reduce any swelling on the affected area.

Also in chronic diseases like arthritis, you need to do spinal exercises regularly. There are a lot of yoga postures which help in effective management of back pain. These exercises should never be done during the pain episodes. They must be done after the pain is relieved. They are used to strengthen the back muscles and prevent future episodes of back pain.