Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (also known as male impotency) is a major problem related with sex. It is also known as impotence or male impotence.

In this condition a man doesn’t get proper erection or you can say that in this condition a man’s penis doesn’t stand straight even after stimulation or the urge of sex.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. In order to achieve erection your penis needs sufficient supply of blood. But due to some reasons when your blood vessels carrying blood to your penis constrict or harden, they obstruct the blood flow to your penis. It is a medical fact that if your penis won’t get proper supply of blood, it won’t achieve erection.

Smoking hardens your blood vessels and constricts the arteries. Thus, even though when you are sexually aroused, blood doesn’t reach your penis in required quantity. Eventually you don’t get erection. Smoking also causes atherosclerosis, in which your arteries hardens so much that they stop blood flow to your heart and thus you experience heart attack.Lack of exercise and physical activities too affect your reproductive organs a lot.

Some diseases such as diabetes
, depression, cancer, kidney failure also cause erectile dysfunction. Some medicines also affect one’s system a lot and cause erectile dysfunction. When you get injury in your penis or testicles (penile injury) you may be the victim of erectile dysfunction. Therefore after even minor injury in your groin area, you should consult your doctor.Stress, fear, guilt are also some major causes of erectile dysfunction.

When any sexual activity
is about to take place or takes place, your brain is stimulated and it releases many chemicals which are vital for performing those acts successfully. One of the chemicals produced during sexual act is Nitric Oxide. If sufficient amount of Nitric Oxide will not be produced in your brain, you will not get erection.

People of old age can suffer from erectile dysfunction, which is natural. But if you are young and you are suffering from this problem, consult your doctor. There are many herbs to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) and various medicines and devices which can cause you to achieve full erection.