Common Causes Of Heart Attacks


Heart attack is one of the deadly diseases affecting many people these days. Now-a-days, we hear about many death cases due to heart attack. The disease occurs when flow of blood to the heart is not carried out in a proper manner.

Heart Attacks

It is very important to make sure that there is proper blood circulation in the entire body, including the heart, so that an individual remains in good health. In order to prevent the disease from occurring, it is essential to understand the causes of heart attacks.

In this article, we shall throw light on a few common factors responsible for heart attack.

Common Causes Of Heart Attacks

Stress And Tension

Today’s life is, undoubtedly, very hectic and tiring. Due to work pressure in office and huge family responsibilities, most of the people are always in tension and stress. This stress and tension can have a major harmful impact on the health, especially in the form of heart attack, which can even cause death in certain cases.

Therefore, it is very important to get rid of stress from life by doing meditation and yoga on daily basis. This would certainly provide great relief, and keep you in good health, thus preventing you from heart attacks.


Unhealthy Foods

Another major cause of heart attack is ingestion of junk foods. Junk foods, like burgers and pizzas, have high fat content, which is not good for the health of heart. Such foods should be eliminated from the regular diet to maintain adequate health of the heart.

Unhealthy Foods

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Irregular Exercise

Lack of exercise in the daily routine inhibits blood circulation, which might cause heart attack. It is very important to have adequate blood flow to the heart, so that it keeps functioning optimally. Cardiovascular workouts like running, jogging, swimming, aerobics and skipping are considered to be quite helpful in this regard.



Obesity is also a major cause of heart attack. Overweight people are always at the risk of being affected by a stroke or heart attack. Regular cardio exercises and healthy diet would help in a massive way with respect to getting rid of extra body weight.


Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

Most of the people having addiction to alcohol consumption and smoking are likely to be affected by a heart attack at some point of time in life. These habits are very harmful for the health and directly affect the heart. The entire health is spoiled due to tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption.

The above given causes of heart attack can be easily eliminated from life, consequently enabling you to live a healthy, fit and long life.

With the help of following a healthy diet plan, doing regular exercise, getting rid of extra body weight, leaving bad lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, and incorporating yoga and meditation in daily routine to keep away from stress, an individual would be capable of living a healthy life, without the risk of occurrence of heart attack.

Smoking and Alcohol