Common Causes Of Renal Failure


Renal failure, also known as kidney failure, is a health related disorder in which the kidney stops functioning in an appropriate manner. The body of the human being contains two kidneys, the failure of which might pose problems with respect to an individual’s survival.

Renal Failure

In order to live the life healthily, it is important for both the kidneys to function in an optimal manner. For survival, at least one kidney should be in good order.

If both the kidneys get out of order, then it may be impossible for a person to survive in life. Due to kidney failure, it becomes difficult for the waste products and toxins to get flushed out from the body in a proper manner.

Kidney failure can either be acute or chronic, and may occur due to several diseases and health disorders. Before proceeding ahead to discuss about the causes of kidney failure, let us first throw light on some common symptoms associated with the problem.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Nausea, vomiting, high levels of urea in blood, weight loss, blood in urine, difficulty in urinating, bone damage, muscle cramps, difficulty in sleeping, loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping are a few symptoms associated with renal failure.

Muscle cramps

Causes Of Renal Failure

Following are a few factors responsible for kidney failure:


One of the major causes of renal or kidney failure is diabetes. Diabetes is a health disorder in which the blood sugar level in the human body is on the higher side. Most of the people suffering from diabetes are prone to be affected by chronic renal failure.



Glomerulonephritis refers to inflammation in kidneys filtering area, which causes disruption in the functioning of the kidneys. In order to reduce the damage caused to the kidneys due to this inflammation, certain anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended.


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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is another major cause of renal failure. It is a condition associated with rise in the pressure exerted by blood against the arteries’ walls. People having the problem of high blood pressure are at a greater risk of being affected by chronic kidney failure.

blood pressure

Polycystic Kidney Disease

A person already suffering from polycystic kidney disease might be affected by kidney failure. It is a genetic disease occurring due to problem in the development of kidneys, which causes an increase in the size of kidneys as a result of sacs filled with fluid.

polycystic kidney disease

Accidents and Injuries

Renal failure may occur due to injuries accidents, or complications arising from a surgery. Such conditions result in acute kidney failure. With the help of proper treatment, the kidneys can start functioning in an optimal manner.

The treatment of the renal failure problem can only be carried out after understanding the above discussed symptoms and causes. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy and nutritious foods, so that the causes of the disease can be eliminated.

In case a kidney fails to perform its functions in an appropriate manner, kidney replacement is generally carried out so that a person is able to survive in life.