Common Causes Of Strokes


Stroke is defined as a health related disorder in which the health of the brain gets deteriorated due to lack of blood supply. Due to improper blood circulation in the body, the cells of the brain are not able to achieve the required level of oxygen. This eventually results in brain damage.

Causes of stroke

Symptoms of loss of memory, lack of movement, and slurred speech are often noticed in people affected by stroke. There are various kinds of risk factors associated with stroke. A few of them include heart attack, diabetes and high cholesterol. An individual should try to prevent the occurrence of stroke as far as possible, so as to remain fit and healthy.

In order to prevent stroke, it is vital to understand about its causes. A thorough understanding about the causes of strokes would help in preventing the disease from occurring. In this article, we shall discuss about a few common causes of strokes.

Causes of Strokes

Lack of Blood Circulation

The major factor responsible for stroke is improper supply of blood to the brain. The brain stops functioning in an optimum manner, if it does not get the required oxygen and blood. A blockage may occur in an artery due to narrowing of a blood vessel, which might not allow adequate blood flow to the brain.

In few cases, blood vessel inside the brain may burst. It is essential for an individual to maintain healthy lifestyle, so that there is proper level of blood circulation in the entire body, including the brain. Cardio workouts like running, jogging, skipping, dancing and aerobics would help in improving flow of blood in the entire body, subsequently helping to maintain the health of brain and the whole body.

blood circulation


Another common cause of stroke is obesity. Overweight people are at a higher risk of being affected by stroke than those who are in good shape. An individual should eat healthy foods and follow a regular exercise routine, so that the body remains in good shape. All kinds of junk foods and processed foods are bad for health and cause heart attack, weight gain. So, these foods should not be consumed in regular life.


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High Blood Pressure

Strokes may also occur due to elevated blood pressure. A spike in the blood pressure level directly affects the brain and heart. It is vital for an individual to cut down on the intake of sodium, and go for a regular walk in the morning and in the evening, so as to keep the blood pressure at optimum level. This would help in guarding against the occurrence of stroke.

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Stress has a direct impact on the health of the brain. An individual should try to perform all the activities with a cool state of mind. Exerted pressure on the brain might damage its health, thus leading to stroke.

Stress management activities like yoga and meditation should be incorporated in regular routine to keep the mind relaxed. Deep breathing exercises should be carried out after an interval of every two or three hours to remain relaxed and stress free.