Cool Tips to Make Healthy Summer Drinks And Beat The Heat!

It’s officially here! The sizzling, hot-as-oven, and humid-as-a-spa season of the year is upon us. Yes, summer is here. The most cherished of all the seasons by the kids, the days of frozen treats, the nights of breezy slumber, and–wait, the dreadful return of sun stroke, heat strokes, diarrhea, exhaustion, and ah, ooh.. muscle cramps! Things can take a turn for the worse because of the constant sweating, resulting in loss of sodium chloride and iron.

Well, do not lose heart. The sweltering heat will do you no harm  if you welcome the summer with suitable preparation. One of the most important things to do is to keep your body hydrated with plenty of liquids. But beware! Do not get tempted to grab that icy cold bottle of the fizzy, aerated drink. The excess sugar and carbonated water will lead to a bloated stomach and acidity. While it may provide a few seconds of relief, it actually does more harm to the body than offer any real respite from the heat.

Fortunately, nature has bundles of products at our disposal that help us to make really delicious, refreshing, and healthy cool drinks. These drinks not only cure the body of the effects of the unrelenting heat in the summer, but also act as a detoxification agent by removing the toxins from our body. And the result–wholesome nutrition with mouth-watering taste! Come,  have a look at some easy liquid supplements that are good for you and your body in summers.

Among the most favourite of all summer drinks is the ‘Aam ka panna’, or raw mango juice. Mangoes come-a-plenty in summers, with the king of fruits leading the list when it comes to being a part of delectable recipes and yummy desserts. But it is the raw form of this fruit that proves most nutritious. ‘Aam ka panna’ is a lip-smacking juice made from boiled and peeled raw mangoes. Boil the mangoes with the skin on.

When cold, take the skin off and squash the mango and gather the pulp. Take this pulp, strain it, and mix water, black salt, cumin powder, jaggery, pudina leaves, and a little bit of pepper. Mix it well and serve it chilled with ice. It tastes heavenly and literally soaks up all the heat from the body. Loaded with Vitamin C, this refreshing drink can be used to cure morning sickness, piles, diarrhea, exhaustion, and many gastrointestinal ailments.

Buttermilk, more famously known as ‘lassi’ is a staple in the northern state of Punjab and is a must-have accompaniment with every meal. Mix a decent amount of curd and mix water in it. Blend it nicely till you get a foamy texture on the top. Serve it cool. The ‘lassi’ can be had sweet or with salt. The one that works the best in summers is the masala lassi, which is a combination of mint leaves, dry roasted jeera (cumin), a pod of slit green chili, tender coriander and curry leaves. All these condiments act as natural refreshers and aid in easy digestion and natural cooling of the body.

Here’s another concoction to soothe sun-burnt nerves. Though not a cool drink, it can be used as a tonic. Soak a handful of dry grapes, cubes of candy sugar known as ‘mishri,’ and dry khajoor (dry dates) overnight. Strain the pieces in the morning and drink the water. This mixture has amazing curative power and can aid in constipation too. It is especially useful for children and college-going students who often have to travel outdoors when the sun is at its peak.

The next item in the list is really an ‘elixir’ for life. It is nature’s miracle–all stored at one place. The nutritional, medicinal, and hydrating properties of coconut water are endless. It is indeed a treasure trove available to mankind. It promotes weight loss, hydrates like no other substance available, is 100% sterile, and can be consumed every day during summers. Help yourself to this instant pick-me-up and feel the difference instantly.

Khus-khus is another ingredient used in many cool drinks and rose-flavored sherbets. Khus-khus is a grassy plant that has cooling properties. The khus-khus syrup can be easily found in the supermarket. Mix it proportionately with water, and voila, you have your body’s AC on in no time.

Lemonade is the simplest of all cool drinks in summer. You can add  an extra touch of flavor to it by adding mint in it and enjoy the energizing drink to go with a promising summer day. Use seasonal fruits like watermelon, melon, mausami, grapes, strawberries to make fresh fruit juices. These are a clever way of making kids eat fruits. A little bit of innovation, and you can make your own mock-tails for that Saturday-night dinner.

And, if you breaking into a sweat, and are still in doubt about which one of these appetizing drinks to serve to your family today, take a cue from Leonardo Da Vinci who said, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Bring yourself a glass of clean water and replenish your lost energy.

So go ahead, do what Kahil Gibran said, “Be like the flower. Show your face to the sun.”  Sure, why not? Just take a jug full of these delectable juices while you enjoy the lovely day. Have a wonderful summer!