Coronary Heart Disease Causes And Prevention

Coronary Heart Disease refers to a health problem where the cardiac muscles are not able to obtain appropriate circulation, thus resulting in contraction of blood vessels, where the blood vessels are not able to perform their function appropriately, hence restricting the process of supplying oxygen and blood to heart. Coronary Heart Disease may result in chest pain, heart attack, breath shortness, and several other problems, which may prove to be life threatening. There are several causes and preventive measures of coronary heart disease, which are explained below.

Causes of coronary heart disease

The risk of being affected by heart problems increases in old age, where heart problems are more prone to occur among men as compared to women. The problem of coronary heart disease may occur due to diabetes problem. Therefore, it is vital to keep the blood sugar level under control, so that heart related hazards can be prevented.

Elevated blood pressure is also a major cause of heart problems. So, keeping the blood pressure under control would be of immense assistance in preventing and treating heart diseases. Smokers are highly prone to suffer from the problem of heart attack or stroke, as against non smokers. So, abandoning smoking from life is vital to remain away from heart related evils.

The problem of heart attack is prone to occur in case of people suffering from kidney diseases. Alcohol consumption is a major factor behind heart troubles. Stress and tension result in coronary heart disease, which may prove to be deadly. So stress should surely be kept away from life. Lack of regular exercise ruins the entire health of an individual, where an individual may suffer from several health problems like elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and stroke.

Preventive measures of coronary heart disease

A few tips to prevent heart failure are discussed here.

Firstly, it is vital for an individual to take care of his or her diet plan. Unhealthy diet may prove to be highly risky for the heart and overall health. Intake of fresh fruits, like oranges, apples, strawberries, and cherries would be of colossal help in improving the health of heart. Also, foods like spinach, egg white, milk, yogurt, carrots and other healthy foods are considered to be good for the heart. Junk foods, fast foods and oily foods must be eliminated from the diet to keep good health of the heart.

Incorporating exercises in daily routine life would help in boosting up blood circulation throughout the body, which is a very good strategy to prevent heart troubles. Improved flow of blood in the entire body would help in providing required oxygen and blood to the heart, hence maintaining cardiac health.

Also, it is essentially significant for an individual to practice yoga and meditation in routine life, as these are considered to be highly effective techniques to get rid of stress, thus maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system. Bad habits like alcohol consumption and smoking should be discarded from life, so that blood flow does not get restricted, subsequently supporting proper heart health.