Daily Skin Care Routine


Every girl in this world want to look beautiful and for achieving a beautiful skin some common tips has to be followed as a regular part of one’s life. Only after that your skin can glow and look beautiful.

Skin care


Washing your face properly with soap free face wash is the first and foremost thing you should do to clean your skin. After washing, pat your face try with a soft wash cloth.

Wash your face


For cleansing your face get good cleansing milk as cleansing milk tend to take out the dirt and grime on the face leaving the face smooth and supple. It is better though you opt for organic cleansing milk which has natural emulsifying properties due to its ingredients.

Cleansing your face

Various types of organic cleansers are available based on the type of organic juice used to prepare them.Some of the common organic juices are grapes juice and aloe-vera juice. Generally a common cleansing milk can work for all skin types however these days  there are also that are particularly skin type based and so based upon your skin type you can select an organic cleanser.

Aloe vera


In order to shrink the pores on your face you can apply an organic toner with the help of cotton wool. The selection of a toner should be strictly based on your skin type. Like if you have a dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin then rosewater seems to be the best toner available.

Organic toner

However in case of normal and combination skin types a slightly stronger toner containing a small amount of alcohol can be used for toning and orange flower water is a natural skin tonic available for this. Similarly in order to tone the oily skin an astringent containing high proportion of alcohol like witch hazel can be used.

orange flower water


For applying moisturizer, take out some organic moisturizer that does not contain any chemical ingredients like mineral oil or preservatives and apply it generously over your face. Make sure that all the moisturizer seeps through the skin and your skin does not have any excess moisturizer left on your face.


Even people who have oily skin also need to moisturize as moisturizing replaces the lost water.However people with oily skin type should avoid using thick moisturizers. Women above thirty years can chose a moisturizer that can provide additional anti aging properties.

Drinking Water:

Though cleansing, toning and moisturizing are recommended to have beautiful skin so is to drink lots of water as it is only the water that can keep your skin hydrated as being hydrated the skin itself is capable enough to bear the environment fluctuations.

Drink lot of water