Dealing Insomnia With Natural Cures

Well, insomnia as we all know means having difficulty to sleep, or the inability to sleep for a decent period of time. And we are going to look for the natural cures of insomnia but before that let’s have a brief account of what this problem is all about.


Broadly speaking insomnia is of two types: Primary and Secondary. Primary insomnia is not caused by any physical or mental block, rather by things like Alcohol, Anxiety and Stress. But secondary insomnia is a very serious medical condition. Often Depression is the reason why people get into secondary insomnia.


Generally falling asleep during daytime, not able to sleep properly during nights, repeatedly waking up in course of a sleep, not feeling refreshed even after waking up in the morning or feeling very tired and dizzy are some of the symptoms that you may be suffering from insomnia.Natural Cures for Insomnia Well before discussing about curing insomnia, let us discuss the mental condition of the insomniac. Now, the person suffering from insomnia is always very conscious about the number of hours he has been sleeping for and as a result the more they try to sleep the more difficult and frustrating it becomes.

Now let us see the cures for insomnia. Persons who tend to take Coffee or Smoke or Drink before bed must stop these activities as this can go a long way in curing insomnia. Again they should not sleep at daytime as it reduces the number of hours of sleep at the night. Another good step to cure insomnia is to practice light exercise couple of hours before going to bed. Curing insomnia needs one more thing which is Regularity.

Person suffering from insomnia should be very regular and very particular about their timings to bed and to food. They should generally go to sleep early and at the same time every night. They should dine at same time and heavy meals during dinner should be avoided. Avoid any tensions or any thoughts of anxiety at the time of bed. You can even go for a shower so that you feel light and relaxed while trying to sleep.

These are a few natural cures for insomnia and can go a long way in curing insomnia.