Diet Adjustments For Pimple


Ah! The frustration of seeing one’s face clouded by the appearance of the little devils known as Pimples. Yes, they can be quite frustrating; even if you try to burst (of course, it is not recommended), the ones on your face, they keep coming back.


Applying different creams and gels for the treatment of such is affective up to a certain level; this is so because, they do not actually cure the thing but just suppress the fat producing glands.

That is why they keep popping up (they seem especially active when you are planning a date!) Jokes apart, there have been researches done to find out if there is a link between the diet of a person and the growth of pimples.

The results were not one sided. But it is sure that if one follows a good dietary routine, he/she may be able to avoid pimples. So let’s see if we can list out a few arrowheads for you to follow in your diet routine to avoid the pimple uprising.

Fat And Cholesterol

An excess of fat and cholesterol saturation in the body is said to be one of the contributing factors for pimples. So cut down on the dishes involving a generous amount of fats and oils.

Keep away from processed, deep-fried and fast foods, or if your taste buds squirm too much have a little at the weekend, after restricting the whole week. Also cut down on the intake of chocolates and other sugar-based products.


Dairy Products

It has been tested that the artificial hormones and antibiotics contained in milk and other dairy products, may act as a catalyst in developing pimples. Also animal proteins, having DHT (like pork and beefs), can also start reactions to trigger the onset of pimples. All these products increase the production of oil and results in pimples.

dairy products

Iodine Products

Products containing the high amount of iodine can also help in triggering the reactions to start the pimples. Such food items, which have a high mass of iodine in them, are seafoods (lobsters, oysters, crabs, shrimps, etc.) and spinach. But iodine is also important for the body; so what to do? Include in your diet a controlled amount of iodine-based foods.


Well, these were the things that you should avoid; now coming to items you may try and include in the diet are as follows. Water again saves the day! Water is extremely helpful in flushing out all the toxins and other harmful materials from our bodies.

As you know that, pimples are mainly made up of dried oil, dead skins and other toxins, drinking plenty of water will help you to get rid of the harmful things, which may otherwise form pimples.

Try to have at least one fruit, in a week, if not more. You may also have fresh fruit juices and green vegetables, except spinach. Coconut water is also very helpful in preventing pimples.

Try having a balanced diet, with a generous amount of zinc and beta-carotene content in it. The beta-carotene is converted to vitamins by our body. Green tea can also help in the prevention of pimples and acne.

Green Tea