Diet Changes For Lowering High Blood Pressure


Hypertension, or high blood pressure, though common, if left untreated for a long period of time may lead to serious consequences.

High Blood Pressure

Two best ways of keeping a safe distance, and treat early high pressure, are dietary changes and exercises (losing weight). When left untreated, high blood pressure may lead to damage in various important organs like heart, arteries, eyes, etc.

The dietary changes to reduce high blood pressure is much similar to normal health improvement diet. When high blood pressure starts to show its symptoms, it is time that you check your health with the doctor. It is also advised that you consult with your doctor about adopting the dietary changes.

Dietary Changes For Lowering High Blood Pressure 

If you want no hassle of medications and hospitalization, better start with the dietary changes listed below, at an early stage.

Sodium For Lowering High Blood Pressure 

Sodium helps in keeping (holding) water inside the body, which in turn puts an excess pressure on the heart. So you are advised to cut down on the amount of excess salt in your diet. You can do this by not adding any extra amount of salt in green salads, meat, etc. However, our body needs this nutrient so don’t commit the mistake of totally barring it from your diet. The amount of sodium content in the diet should be less than 2 grams.

Sodium intake

Alcohol For Lowering High Blood Pressure

Stop consuming! We would suggest that you prevent yourself from consuming alcohol, but if that’s too much for you, you may consider decreasing the amount of drinking alcohol. It is noted that people who have more than 2 helpings of alcohol, have a higher chance of striking a higher blood pressure than those drinking a lesser amount, or none at all. Other studies suggest that 2 helpings (for men) and 1 helping (for women) of alcohol keeps the heart in better condition, for people above 40 years of age.

Avoid alcohol

Fats For Lowering High Blood Pressure

Saturated fats and trans-fats put extra pressure on the veins, and the heart. So in the condition of Higher blood pressure, they can really harm you. Keep far away from fast foods, pre-packaged and bottled products. Deter from the consumption of fast foods and try to eat fresh food always. However, as is the situation with fats, don’t halt your fat consumption. Instead include small amounts of trans fat (red meat, olives, canola oil, etc).

Fast foods

Potassium For Lowering High Blood Pressure

Potassium plays an important role in keeping the negative effects of sodium in control. So it should be included in the diet. An average adult should consume about 4700 mg of potassium every day. This nutrient can be found in foods like potatoes, tomatoes, green vegetables, and various other fruits (oranges, apricots, raisins, etc). You may also feed on fishes like salmon and Tuna. The thing with increasing the consumption of Potassium is that it is known to harm some adults, especially those with kidney disorders. So you should probably consult your doctor before starting your diet on this one.

Potassium Level

Last Word

Now you know the slots you are going to leave empty, and the ones you’re going to fill, with what. Be sure to know what you’re doing while treating High blood pressure, as when treated wrongly it might take a turn for worse. Always consult your doctor before changing the diet when in High blood pressure.

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