Diets For Diabetes Patients


Diabetes occurs either when the production of insulin, by the pancreas is decreased somehow and the glucose cannot be moved to the different cells in our bodies, or when, the cells are unable to make use of the insulin properly. Diabetes also occurs when both of the events occur at the same time.


Diabetic patients have a higher risk of experiencing a stroke, and that too at a comparatively tender age. Reports from all over the world, point to the fact that, persons with diabetes are killed of heart disease more than any other condition.

However, eating healthy and following a healthy diet and lifestyle may help you in controlling the diabetes condition, and also staying far from the possibilities of strokes.

So here are a few diet tips for you, to evade different heart conditions, including strokes.


Your diet should be full, i.e. your diet should consist of all the elements needed by a human body, and some in lesser quantity. The sole criteria of your chosen food items should be a diet which controls weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

nutritious diet


The inclusion of fat, even when not suffering from diabetes and possible stroke, should be limited. Have a controlled and limited amount of cholesterol and fat in your diet.

An excess of fat content will only create the chance of the same being stuck in your arteries, and thus increasing the chances of a heart attack.If you are to prepare meat, make sure that you trim the fat from the same, and then proceed with the preparation.

Instead of frying the meat (which will add more cholesterol and fat) you can always grill, bake, broil, etc. In case of eggs, have the egg whites and not the egg yolks. Avoid oils which have generous amount of fat content (like lard, butter, stick margarines, etc.) and instead use olive oil.

olive oil


An excess of Sodium makes you body retains fluid, and also aids in raising the blood pressure. When shopping for meal ingredients read the labels and choose products, which are low in sodium/salt. Avoid the consumption of canned, processed, fast foods.

All these contain high amounts of fat, sodium, and sugar. In many dishes, salt is only an optional ingredient; don’t use salt in these and in others, try and put in herbs, or natural spices. If you are recovering from a stroke, your total sodium intake should be less than 2000 mg a day.

Sodium intake

Fruits & Vegetables

Raw, fresh fruits and vegetables have a low cholesterol and calorie content. In addition to that, they provide a good amount of essential fiber.Include in your diet, a rich variety of green leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach, etc.

In accordance to that eat a whole lot of fresh fruits like plums, bananas, oranges, berries, etc. These are the main guidelines that you should follow, when cooking up meals for yourself, or any diabetes patient.

Remember to have only low fat, calorie and carbohydrate items; even when having dairy products, go for the skimmed ones, as they contain fewer calories.Instead of refined grains, go for the whole grained food products (like brown rice, whole grain cereals, etc).