7 Healthy Diet For Kidney Disease


Kidney disease is a serious issue and should not be neglected. In India and various other countries, this disease has affected a huge number of people, hence proving to be life threatening. Most of the people consider cardiovascular problems and cancer to be the most deadly diseases. However, kidney related diseases are now considered among the major killers.

Healthy Diet

Dialysis treatment is often recommended for the chronic kidney disease sufferers. This is a nice but artificial way to carry out the work of the kidneys. However, by changing the lifestyle and diet towards a healthy perspective, the burden of the disease can be lessened to a massive extent.

Due to improper functioning of the kidneys, it is very difficult for the body to flush out the fluids and waste material from the body. Therefore, kidney disease sufferers have to be very cautious with respect to the foods they consume, so that they are capable of sustaining in life.

Among various causes, hypertension and diabetes are the two major ones which hamper the functioning of the kidneys. So, by eliminating the causes with the help of following a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercises, the health can be improved in a significant manner. Not only would these measures assist in improving the functioning of the kidneys, but would also help in shedding off extra body weight, if you are suffering from the problem of obesity.

Before proceeding ahead towards discussing about the diet for kidney disease, let us first have some discussion on the underlying causes of the problem.

Causes Of Kidney Failure


One of the major causes of kidney failure is malnourishment. People who do not consume much of protein and energy providing foods are always at the risk of being affected by various health related hazards, with kidney failure being one of them. People suffering from malnourishment have less muscle mass and body weight, thus making them unhealthy.



Obesity is also one of the factors responsible for kidney disease, where it may be difficult for the nutrients to reach the veins. Also, it may be extremely difficult for the dialysis treatment to deliver successful results if the person is suffering from chronic kidney disease, due to extra body weight. Therefore, diet should be taken extreme care of, so that the weight can be kept under control.



Stress may also lead to kidney failure. Stress exerts lot of pressure not only on the mind, but also on the overall body, including the kidneys.



Certain medications can also prove to be harmful for the kidneys. Drugs like naproxen and ibuprofen are detrimental for proper kidney functioning.

Prescribed medicines


Abdomen tumors can be fatal for the kidneys.

Abdomen tumors

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones usually do not cause kidney failure; however, in case of presence of one kidney in the body, kidney stones may result in kidney failure.

The above defined causes of kidney disease can be very well dealt with the help of kidney disease diet program which should pay special emphasis on an adequate intake of calcium, iron, phosphate, protein, potassium, vitamins and sodium.

kidney stones

Diet For Kidney Disease- Recommended Foods And Nutrients

Maintaining A Balance Between Calcium And Phosphate

In case of kidney failure, there is an imbalance between the calcium and phosphate content present in the body, both of them being responsible for bones’ health. There is an increase in phosphate and a decrease in calcium due to problem in kidneys. This imbalance can be corrected by increasing the intake of calcium rich foods and restricting the amount of phosphate intake by taking phosphate binder along with meals.

Calcium rich foods

Iron Rich Foods

Kidney disease sufferers are normally seen to suffer from the problem of anemia, which occurs due to less iron content in body. So, increasing the iron intake in the diet might prove to be of considerable help for kidney problems.

Iron rich foods

Controlling The Potassium Level

Kidney disease diet program recommends the intake of right amount of potassium content by focusing on healthy foods. High potassium level can lead to heart problems, whereas low potassium level can result in arrhythmias. So, an adequate balance needs to be maintained by avoiding excessive intake of potassium through chocolates and cookies, and diverting towards the intake of healthy foods like bananas.

Potassium Level

Controlling Sodium Intake

Patients suffering from kidney disease need to pay attention to their salt intake, as excessive consumption of the same can elevate blood pressure and ruin the health.

Sodium food

Eating Protein Rich Foods

Adequate supply of protein to the body is necessary, so that the muscles are repaired and built properly. Also, the health of the kidneys would be improved with the help of sufficient amount of protein intake. Good sources of protein consist of lentils, beans, eggs, peas, dairy products and fish.

Intake of protein in the diet would assist in getting rid of urea, hence improving the health of the kidneys, and enabling the body to fight against various infections in a successful way. In case an individual is not willing to consume protein rich foods in good amount, it is suggested to take some protein supplements as recommended by the dietician.


Restricted Consumption of Fluids

The diet for kidney disease recommends restricting the intake of fluids in the diet, as people suffering from kidney problems have extreme difficulty in passing urine, which may result in fluid buildup in the ankles and bones. So, fluid intake should be curbed in case of kidney disease patients.

Restricted Fluids

Adequate Intake Of Vitamins

During the dialysis process, there is a loss in vitamin B and vitamin C. So, kidney disease diet suggests consuming some vitamin supplements upon doctor’s advice.

Hence, by focusing on the diet plan which recommends restricting the consumption of salt, potassium, fluids and phosphorus in the diet, and regulating the amount of protein, vitamins, and iron rich foods in the diet, the functioning of the kidneys can be boosted up and overall health would be improved. Also, if regular exercise and healthy lifestyle (by abandoning smoking and alcohol consumption) are combined along with healthy diet, the results that would be obtained would be more stupendous.

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