Different Types Of Weightlifting Equipments


Weight lifting is the basis of a body-building and fitness program. Weight training equipment helps not only to build robust muscles, but helps to shape your body by getting rid of excess body fat you have accumulated.

Weightlifting Equipment

The purpose of weightlifting equipment is to burn calories and build strength by focusing on large muscles group or specific muscles.

Weight lifting equipment is available in various forms, shape and sizes that can suit different levels of athletes from beginners to experienced body-builders. Even with strength training machines, choices are endless.

Some equipment like barbell, cable machine or racks is perfectly suitable for home gyms while others are used in gyms.


If you are a beginner, you need to understand what kind weight of training equipment and accessories will be suitable for you for building a great physique.

If you are a regular weight lifter, you will still want to know what equipment is considered best and what are the pros and cons of this equipment. Here is a quick guide for you.

Weightlifting is the core of an exercise session. According to its function and purpose, weight lifting equipment can be divided into two main categories: Free Weights and weight machines.

Free Weights

For both beginners as well as experienced body builders, free weights are basic equipment. They are available in large variety of shapes, sizes and weights.

They are less costly in comparison to other weight training machines and definitely a low cost solution for starting weight training at home. The weights that are not connected to stands, cables or pulleys are defined as free weights.

Free weights include dumbbells, barbells and weight discs ranging from 2 pounds to 75 pounds and often more than this. Dumbbells are available in different styles and materials from light weight rubber to metal.

If your purpose is building muscle mass, than free weights are for you. Dumbbells are preferred more, as they are safer than barbells.

The greatest advantage of free weights is that variety of exercises can be performed with them that cover major muscle groups.


Weight Machines

If you are a beginner and want to get into weight training, then weight machines are better for you as they help in maintaining balance. You will be able to lift greater amounts as they are easy and safe to use.

By just pulling and pushing bar or handle, you can lift considerable weight which works by cable or pulley system. Building up resistance is also easy in this type of machine.

This way you can progress gradually in your weight training program and achieve fitness. Weight machines are adjustable according to body type.

Some weight equipments like chin up bars allow you to use your own body weight as resistance, instead of weights for exercising biceps and triceps. For exercising ab muscles, abdomen crunch machines are used.

Best weight training is possible with combination of weights and weight lifting machines. So knowing which equipment will serve best for the exercise program you are going to follow will help you a lot before heading to the gym or buying weight lifting equipment for your home.

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