Do Away With The Pain With Natural Gout Cures


Doctors can easily cure gout, but many prefer natural cures for gout. It has been found that regular intake of cherries can control gout or cure it completely. Cherry concentrate can be used as an alternative as it contains essential vitamins which can cure gout.

Remedies To Cure Gout

Charcoal poultice is another natural remedy to cure gout. Charcoal has been used for centuries to control gout. Charcoal poultice flushes out the toxins in the body and relieve one of the symptoms of gout.

Charcoal poultice

It is very simple to make a charcoal poultice. Mix half a cup of charcoal powder to few tea spoons of poultice in a blender and add it to warm water to make it an effective cure.

charcoal powder

Many people have found relief in making a paste with the poultice. Aching joints are anointed with this paste and covered with warm cloth and left over night. One must understand that charcoal poultice can stain clothes so one should take care of their clothes while applying it on to their skin. Charcoal bath has been quite popular among people suffering from gout. Charcoal bath is very simple and straight forward. One needs to mix a cup of charcoal in warm water and place and soak the affected foot in it for an hour.

charcoal poultice paste

Gout can be controlled by watching ones diet. It is very important to eat the right kind of food when one is suffering from this disease. Fresh vegetables, farm fresh fruits, dairy products are very essential to battle the ravages of gout. One should consume as much fluid as possible, especially warm water to prevent attacks of gout. It has been known that the water intake flushes the toxins, like uric acid from the body. Meat especially brain, kidney, sweet breads and some types of fish must be restricted as they are high in a substance called purin which results in painful crystallization in the joints which lead to gout.

Fresh vegetable and fruits

Careful diet with various natural remedies can control the attacks of gout and in most cases can give complete relief to the painful joints. Though doctors can provide a cure, there is no harm in trying natural remedies like charcoal poultice and charcoal bath.

charcoal bath