Do Not Ignore Ear Pain

Just imagine a life without sound. You can speak but cannot hear the voice of your loved ones. You can’t speak over the phone nor understand what is going on in the television. This is a warning for people who neglect ear pain and pop in a pill or two to relieve the pain; your carelessness could end up in loss of hearing.

Ear pain

You must identify the exact point of pain and circumstances and take treatment without delay.

The reasons for ear pain could vary from a simple ear wax to even cancer. Other reasons for ear aches are block on the Eustachian tube, infection behind the ear at the mastoid or cancer. Tonsillitis, tuberculosis on the tongue, cancer on respiratory track, cervical spondylosis and sore tooth can also ignite ear pain.

Eustachian tube

Tips To Safeguard Your Ears:

Never insert buds or pencils, pins or any other objects into the ear as these could damage the ear drum. If you are keen on cleaning the ears then clean the wax that has come out using a soft cloth. Never scratch inside the ear using your unclean fingers or any other sharp objects as these could lead to infection. Don’t be lethargic; find time to consult a doctor for sinusitis, tooth ache, tonsillitis.

cleaning the ears

On injury to ear consult an ENT specialist itself. If some insect or ant enters your ear show light inside the ear, the insect will come out. But never pour oil or hot water in to the ear. Though it is advisable to take a paracetamol or other pain killers to relieve the pain, it is better to take a doctor’s advice. Breast feeding babies by lying on your side could lead to possible ear infection in the kid.

Take advice of doctor

Before preparing for dive into the swimming pool stuff your ears with cotton or use a good head gear. Rush for medical help if blood comes out of your ear or you suffer sudden ear pain or hear loss or you feel a buzzing sound inside the ear drum or foul smell emanates from the ear etc…

Use a head gear