Drinking Tea Can Aid Weight Loss

There is no magic formula that can help you lose weight. Whatever diet plan you may take, there are no quick fixes, unless you control calories and follow an exercise routine with your diet. Though there are no short-cuts to losing weight, yet there are some simple changes in your lifestyle can aid your efforts to lose weight significantly over time.Today market is flooded with products that promises fast weight loss. But most of these products have one or other side effects. The best option is eating fewer calories and slowly reducing your daily intake of calorie, followed by a regular exercise routine. There are, of course, some herbal teas that can help you burn calories and lose weight faster, when taken with healthy diet and exercise routine.

Most of us are familiar with the health benefits of black tea and green tea. Researches and studies are continuously showing that drinking tea in beneficial for our health as they contain many amazing health properties. The catechins present in tea can boost the metabolism and increases energy level. When your energy level is high, you can exercise for a longer period and naturally burn more calories. The food we eat changes into triglycerides; and triglycerides that are excess in our body are stored as fat. The antioxidant catechin polyphenols contained in green tea helps to break down triglycerides and as a result less fat is being stored in our body; thus, accelerating weight loss.

In the same way, drinking black tea can also helps to speed up metabolism and burn excess fat. Those who exercise regularly, drinking black tea is ideal for them to lose weight. It is beneficial to drink black tea, green tea or any other tea without sugar and milk as their benefits are lessened when milk or sugar is added.

Make sure that you purchase pure green tea. Make green tea using filtered cold water and bring it to boil. Use 1 tsp green tea leaf for preparing a cup tea. Don’t pour this boiling water on the tea leaves directly. The flavor and taste will be lost. When the water gets boiled, allow the leaves to steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Now strain and drink the tea.

Another tea that has been found beneficial for losing weight is oolong tea. This tea also belongs to same Camellia Sinensis plant like the green and black tea. But difference in green tea and oolong tea lies in its processing. Oolong tea is allowed to ferment more. These processing differences make one category of tea more beneficial than the other. As oolong tea is allowed to ferment more, it contains higher degree of polymerized polyphenols that stimulate fat metabolism. When taken in combination of healthy diet and exercise, it increase metabolic rate a little higher and helps in losing weight.

If you have decided to use tea for losing weight, you should keep in mind that just drinking tea won’t help you to lose weight. Use it in combination with healthy diet and exercise as a health lifestyle. Also use it consistently, not occasionally. You will surely notice a difference over time. As you are substituting high sugar drinks, you are reducing calories. Cutting calories is the surest way to weight loss.

When making the decision to use tea for controlling weight, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet. The key is to use it as an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle. For it to have an effect, you’ll need to use tea consistently rather than drinking an occasional cup here and a cup there. To see results over time, around five or six cups a day would be needed as a substitute for your regular beverages. When you use tea in place of a high sugar drink, you’re automatically reducing calories which are helpful for controlling weight.

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