Dry Hair Home Remedies For Women


Women have great love for their hair. They always want their hair to look healthy and beautiful. There are many women who face the problem of dry hair.

Dry hair

Dry hair looks rough and dull. It is very important for women to take care of their hair in a proper manner, so that hair does not become dry and rough. Let us here discuss about home remedies for dry hair, so as to attain soft and smooth hair.

Warm oil scalp massage works wonders for dry and rough hair. You should massage your hair with warm olive oil at least twice in a week to make the hair soft and smooth. The hair would be nourished in a great way with the help of regular warm oil scalp massage. Olive oil is considered to be the best oil for scalp massage as it helps in nourishing and moisturizing the hair in a great way.

Warm olive oil

Excessive exposure of the hair to the sun’s rays makes the hair dry and rough. So, you should make sure to use sunscreen enriched products on your hair, so as to prevent hair dryness due to sun’s exposure. Also, you should wear a hat on your head before going out in the sun, so as to protect the hair against direct exposure to sun.

Protect hair

Drinking plenty of water every day would help a great deal in hydrating and moisturizing the hair. The health of the hair would be improved in a great way with the help of intake of lot of water.

Drinking Plenty of water

You should make use of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, so as to keep the hair well moisturized and healthy.

Use of blow dryer and flat iron should be minimized. These equipments generate heat which is very damaging for the hair.

Make sure to provide deep conditioning treatment to your hair once in a fortnight to moisturize the hair deeply. This would help in keeping the hair soft and smooth. Mayonnaise acts as a very good deep conditioning treatment for the hair. Apply mayonnaise throughout the hair and let it stay on the hair for around an hour. Thereafter, wash the hair to attain soft and smooth hair.


Application of egg on the hair is a very good home remedy to moisturize the hair. Take an egg and apply on the hair. Let it stay on the hair for around half an hour. Thereafter, wash the hair to attain naturally moisturized hair.

Egg on hair