6 Easy And Effective Solutions For Falling Hair


Falling hair has a great psychological impact on our minds. Hair loss is an embarrassing condition which affects not only women, but also men. It is vital to find effective solution for this problem as soon as possible, so as to prevent baldness. The market is full of numerous hair loss products, which contain lots of chemicals, hence posing some side effects.

Falling hair

Therefore, the best way to get rid of hair loss problem is to opt for easy and natural methods. In order to stop hair fall naturally, it is very important to first understand the causes of it. By understanding the factors resulting in hair loss, you would be able to eliminate the cause from the roots and prevent your hair from falling. So, here we are going to first discuss about the causes of hair loss, before describing about easy and natural hair fall remedies.

Causes Of Hair Fall

Several factors responsible for falling hair are mentioned below:

Lack of Hair Care

If an individual does not take proper care of his or her hair, there is a great risk for hair to fall. There are several factors which come under hair care, like shampooing and conditioning. Hair loss may occur if an individual does not choose the right kind of shampoo taking into account the hair type. Also, if the hair are not conditioned with appropriate conditioner after the washing process, the hair follicles may become weak, hence resulting in loss of hair.

Further to that, treating the hair in a harsh manner may prove to be immensely harmful for the hair, which might result in hair damage in the form of hair breakage. Rubbing the hair vigorously after the washing process, so as to get rid of excess water in the hair, may weaken the hair follicles; hence causing hair breakage. Also, combing the hair when they are wet results in fall of hair, as hair are very weak when drenched with water.

Improper care

Exposing The Hair To Heat

This is a major factor affecting the health of hair. Heat is very damaging for the hair. Both women and men opt for hair styling equipments such as hair dryer, straightening rod, hot rollers and curling iron to style their hair. However, these equipments produce heat so as to style the hair. This heat may burn the hair and weaken the hair at the roots, consequently breaking the hair.

Exposing The Hair To Heat

Improper Nutrition

The most important factor responsible for hair fall is lack of nutrition. If the hair are not fed properly with appropriate vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they get weak, subsequently resulting in hair loss.

Improper Nutrition

Lack Of Hydration

Not maintaining appropriate hydration level of the hair may result in hair dryness. The hair may look dry, rough and dull due to lack of hydration, which may result in falling hair.

Lack Of Hydration

Easy And Effective Hair Loss Remedies

Now, when we are aware of the causes of hair loss, we can eliminate the problem naturally, by getting rid of the causes. Here are some effectual remedies, which would certainly help in preventing and treating hair loss, and enable an individual to have healthy, abundant and luscious hair on the head.

Proper Hair Care

First of all, you need to ensure that the shampoo and conditioner you are using on your hair are good for your hair. Do not make the mistake of choosing the products that your friends are using. The hair type of every person may differ from each other; so hair products should also differ accordingly. Also, it is crucial to condition the hair after shampooing, which is a very good way to strengthen the hair, thus preventing hair fall. Apart from this, it is vital to be very gentle with the hair.

The hair should not be rubbed vigorously with towel after washing. It should be blot dry so that hair breakage does not occur. Further, combing wet hair should be avoided. Wet hair are weak in nature, and hence tend to break, when combed. The hair should be combed only when they are semi dry.

Proper Hair Care

Avoiding The Exposure Of Hair To Heat

An important step towards preventing hair fall is to avoid the hair from exposure to heat. Use of styling equipments like blow dryer, flat iron, hot rollers, curling iron etc should be kept at the minimum most level. If you want to use such hair styling equipments for hair styling, then you should first apply hair protecting spray on the hair before using these equipments.

Also, the tool should be kept a kittle distance apart from the hair, so as to avoid close contact. Another remedy for preventing heat exposure is to protect the hair from sun’s heat by applying sunscreen based hair care products. Also, wearing hat while going out in the sun would prevent hair damage due to sun exposure.

Avoiding The Exposure Of Hair To Heat

Feed The Hair Properly

Feeding the hair adequately by eating healthy foods like fish, milk, nuts, fruits, green vegetables and eggs would help in nourishing the hair suitably, consequently preventing hair fall. So, ensure to eat nutritious foods in regular life, so as to maintain good hair health.

Feed hair properly

Nourish The Scalp

Scalp nourishment is highly recommended for invigorating the hair follicles to restrict hair loss and produce more hair. Providing hot oil treatment to the scalp twice in a week is a very good solution with respect to scalp stimulation, which would encourage hair growth. Amla based oils are regarded to very good oils for scalp nourishment. Also, olive oil is considered to be beneficial in improving the hair health.

Scalp nourishment

Get Rid Of Stress

Stress damages the hair in a very bad way and should be therefore eliminated from life by doing yoga and meditation, which are regarded to very good stress relieving practices.


Hydrate The Hair

One of the effectual hair fall remedies is proper hydration. Consume ample water daily to flush out toxins and improve the hydration level of the hair. Falling hair should not be left untreated so as to prevent baldness. The tips given above would definitely help in this regard, and should be practiced regularly to deal with the problem of hair fall.

Consume water