5 Easy Cures For Dandruff


Dandruff is truly a pesky problem, which almost everyone suffers from one or the other time in his/her life. Though the problem is not quite life threatening, it can adversely affect one’s life in many ways than one.

Cures For Dandruff

For some of you, this dandruff problem is temporary and application of shampoo now and then will cure it; for some others, this is a recurring problem. Within the latter half of the people, there are two sections.

One on whom the application of shampoo does work and presents no adverse symptoms; for others, the application of such material may just speed up or worsen the process. We are providing some natural ways of treating the problem.

Some Easy Cures For Dandruff

Coconut Oil

Don’t know if you people have ever had a chance to visit the southern part of India; if you have, you must have noticed how long the women’s hair is and how healthy the men’s are too. This is because they feed (literally, feed) on coconut oil. They make almost everything with coconut oil.

So, making the use of coconut oil for preparation of food is a good habit. For dandruff, you can warm the coconut oil and apply on your scalp. After that warm a certain amount of water and soak a towel in it for a few minutes. Squeeze the water out of the towel and cover the whole portion of your head with the moist towel.

coconut oil

Nettle And Rosemary

Make yourself a custom shampoo by mixing fresh rosemary leaves (25 gms), fresh (stinging) nettle root (10 gms), tea tree oil (5 drops), soft soap (20 gms) and denatured alcohol (100 ml). Take out a 500 ml container (jar preferably) and add all the ingredients. Shake well and keep for 2 weeks, occasionally giving a shake to the jar. After the period, strain the mixture in a clean bottle and apply regularly.

Nettle and Rosemary


Lime can do more than just control the dandruff. The application of lime/lime juice will also give shine to your hair, nourish your hair, remove any kind of stickiness, etc. All you have to do is, after you have come out of the bathroom (after taking a bath), squeeze out a lemon’s juice in a glass container and apply the same to your scalp first and then if anything is left, apply to the rest of the length. You may also apply the lemon directly over your scalp, by slicing it open in two and applying alternatively.


White Beets

Beets, especially white beets, can help in losing the dandruff from your hair. This is how. Cut off the top portion and the lower (root) portion of the beets. Then put these in a container, adding a moderate amount of water. Don’t take too much water; the concentration of the beet juice should be more. Then apply this mixture to your scalp. Prepare and apply this solution every night.

white beets

Last Words

There are a simple few things which can fend off the dandruff. Once in a while, have a simple head massage performed. It helps fighting the dandruff. Again, while applying the shampoo, apply by massaging slowly and not kneading with your nails.

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