6 Effective Home Remedy For A Mouth Abscess


Mouth abscess is caused due to bacterial infection and can lead to excessive decay of teeth, gum, etc., severe pain, bad breath, bleeding, etc. Therefore, you should take care of your mouth as soon as you detect any of these symptoms. Most of the people prefer to opt for safer and milder treatment such as a natural homemade remedy. It is very convenient and easily available in your locality.

Mouth Abscess

Application Of Water

Water plays a major role in flushing out the toxins and thus helps in getting relief from a mouth abscess. If you are suffering from a sore tooth or gum inflammation, you can press a cube of ice on the affected area and repeat this process for a couple of times in a day for better results.

You can also drink 1-2 glasses of water during this time and continue with the process after every half an hour. The water cleanses the bacteria and passes through the colon, thus gives relief from toothache. You can even get same help by gargling with mild warm salty water. The water will calm down the pain whereas the salt will work as a sterilizer.

consume water

Application Of Baking Soda

A mixture of baking soda and salt in the ratio of 1:1 is very effective in reducing tooth abscess. You can dab a cotton ball on the mixture and apply it on the infected tooth. Allow it to stand for sometime between the tooth and the inner side of the cheek. You should repeat the process for a number of times to let the mixture absorb the cavities.

Baking Soda

Application Of Natural Herb Pack

Some of the herbs mixed in suitable proportions can help in reducing this infection. For example, you can mix ½ tsp of golden seal powder, ½ of clove oil, ½ cayenne pepper powder and 2tbsp of activated charcoal powder. Now make a thick paste of this mixture with olive oil and put it on the infected tooth. This can produce a burning sensation but will certainly help in discharging the gum boil faster. You should wash your mouth with Hydrogen peroxide 1.5 % solution after this process so that the adjoining teeth do not get infected.


 Application Of Herbal Oils

Some of the herbal oils like tea tree oil, clove oil, etc. can help in reducing pain, bleeding and pus secretion. They both contain essential antibacterial properties required for the treatment. You should first dilute the tea tree oil with a sufficient amount of water and use this solution for gargling. Follow this method for 5-6 times a day. Clove oil is generally applied raw over the damaged tooth with the help of a cotton ball.

Herbal oil

Application Of A Tea Bag

Tea bag can also act as a filtering agent for clearing the infectious pus. This can reduce painful inflammation to a great extent. You can rub some salt on a dry tea bag and put it beside the affected tooth for few hours and let it work on its own.

Tea bag

Consumption Of Essential Nutrients

Moth abscess occurs mainly due to bacterial infestation. Therefore, you should strengthen your immune system with the help of natural elements like vitamin-c rich foods, Echinacea, golden seal, garlic, etc. These home-based products can combat internally against the harmful bacteria.

Vitamin C