3 Effective Treatment For Bruises

3 Effective Treatment For Bruises

A bruise refers to a kind of contusion or discoloration which occurs as a result of internal bleeding. The problem mainly occurs due to an injured muscle or vein, which can take up any size or shape. Over a short span of time, the bruise can exhibit several types of colors. Bruises are often accompanied with discomfort and pain.

3 Effective Treatment For Bruises

A clot of blood is usually observed in cases of damaged tissues. It is not a difficult task to treat bruise. Treatment for bruises should take into consideration the symptoms associated with it, which may include pain, itching, and swelling. The problem can be easily treated at home with the help of ice packs or cold packs. There are several home treatments to reduce the swelling associated with bruises. Children are the major sufferers of bruises, as they are involved in greater number of physical activities as compared to adults. Bruises in children are healed fast as their tissues are quite strong.

However, if bruises occur in case of older people, it may be a cause of great concern. The tissues of the people become weak in old age, consequently resulting in more bleeding as a result of any injury. Let us here discuss about a few effective ways to treat bruises.

Treatment Options For Bruises

The below given tips would help in treating bruises in a successful and effective way:

Ice Packs

Application of ice packs on the affected body area would help in reducing the swelling associated with bruises. The application of ice packs should be carried out at regular intervals for around two days as a first aid measure.

The pack should be allowed to stay on the affected area for around fifteen minutes to see reduction in swelling. The ice pack should not be applied directly on the skin. A wash cloth or a towel should be placed in between the skin and ice. After two days, a cloth soaked in warm water should be applied on the affected area to promote the healing process.

Ice pack

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Over the Counter Medicines

Over the counter medicines can also be used as a treatment for bruises. Most of the people prefer taking ibuprofen or aspirin to get rid of the pain associated with bruises. However, it is suggested to avoid the intake of these medicines, and take acetaminophen as the pain reliever.

Over the Counter Medicines

Medical Advice

In case, bruises are accompanied with immense swelling and pain, it is immediately recommended to seek medical advice. Also, if a bruise is seen on the skin without any apparent reason, it is suggested to go for expert medical advice, so that the problem is treated on time.

Medical advice

The above given tips would help in treatment of bruises in a successful way. It is very important to follow the aforementioned tips properly, so that the healing process is speeded up. The pain in the bruise would go away in a few days with the help of the tips given above. Within a week or two, the bruise would be treated quite effectively.