Effective Treatment For Frozen Shoulder


Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, refers to a health problem in which the shoulders of an individual are not able to move properly. Due to restricted movement in the shoulders, it becomes difficult for an individual to carry out various tasks in an effective manner.

Frozen Shoulder

The pain that arises because of stiffness in the shoulders does not allow an individual to lift or do things with hands. As a result of frozen shoulder, the capsule which surrounds the joint of shoulder gets contracted, thus resulting in formation of scar tissue.

A few common causes of frozen shoulderconsist of age and gender, surgery, and endocrine disorder. There are several treatments available to deal with the issue of frozen shoulder. In this article, we shall discuss about a few common frozen shoulder treatment options.

Ways To Treat Frozen Shoulder

The below given tips and techniques would help in dealing with frozen shoulder issue in an effective and successful manner:

Stretching And Exercising

Stretching and exercising the shoulders are the two vital activities that should be carried out so as to create movement in the shoulders. The shoulder should be stretched and various movement related exercises of the arm should be carried several times in a day to see successful results with respect to frozen shoulder treatment.

proper exercise

Moist Heat

The joints of the shoulders can be loosened with the help of application of moist heat. It is recommended to provide heat to the shoulders prior to stretching and exercising to ease the movement, and get rid of the stiffness in shoulders. A washcloth soaked in hot water can be used to provide heat to the shoulders. Practicing this treatment at least thrice in a day would be quite effective in dealing with the problem.

Moist Heat

Physical Therapy

Most of the people prefer taking the help of physical therapists for treating frozen shoulder. The physical therapist incorporates hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound, and several other modalities to deal with the problem of frozen shoulder.

Physical therapy

Anti Inflammatory Medicines

The doctors advise taking a few anti inflammatory medicines to deal with the issue of pain that arises because of frozen shoulder. These medicines do not help with the treatment process, but only help in reducing the pain associated with the problem.

anti inflammatory medicines

Cortisone Injections

The inflammation in the shoulder caused due to lack of movement can be treated with the help of cortisone injections. These injections help in reducing the inflammation in shoulders, thus improving their flexibility. Stretching and exercising would become easy after taking these injections, consequently speeding up the healing process.

It is always important combine injections with exercises to achieve successful results; taking only the injections would not help in obtaining effective results.

With the help of the above given frozen should treatment options, you would be able to observe immense improvement in your condition. Regular medical examination is also necessary to diagnose if the treatment is taking place appropriately. If you feel immense pain during exercising, it is suggested to immediately consult the doctor to rule out the risk of any major injury.Cortisone injections