Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when any man is unable to achieve erection when he wants to perform sex with his partner. Millions of people worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

The main reason of erectile dysfunction is insufficient supply of blood to the penis. When penis does not get sufficient amount of blood it doesn’t stand erect.

There are various types of erectile dysfunction treatments. But before treating its patient, you should know the cause of erectile dysfunction. If you have become impotent due to sedentary jobs or bad habits such as smoking, you need to quit smoking.

Smoking hardens
the blood vessels through which the blood reaches your male organs. Due to smoking your blood vessels obstruct the blood from reaching your male organ.

Thus your penis doesn’t achieve erection. In such cases, you need to acquire healthy life style. As treatment of erectile dysfunction, you need to quit smoking and exercise regularly. On regular exercise, your blood circulation will become proper and after a period you will feel the difference.

When erectile dysfunction is caused due to insufficient hormones produced in your body, you need hormone therapy as its impotency treatment. Testosterone is one of the vital hormones responsible for your sexual activities.

But if its production is less than required than you will suffer from impotency. Your testicles produce this hormone due to which your male sexual characteristics appear. In such case testosterone replacement therapy can be applied as erectile dysfunction treatment.

There are also some herbs which are used to treat ED. Ginkgo, Ginseng, horny goat weed, Yohimbe etc are some herbs which are said to be very effective in treating ED. Some spices such as garlic and onion are also very effective remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Some drugs are also used as treatment of ED such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis etc. But they have many side affects hence you should consult your doctor before using them.

These drugs are approved by FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These drugs increase the blood flow to your penis when you feel the urge of sex and eventually you get erection.

Another physiological treatment of erectile dysfunction is talking to your partner about your problem. She may be of great help and can help you to achieve full erection.