Esalen massage

Esalen massage technique was basically developed by Charlotte Selver and this massage treatment makes use of the basic Swedish massage method that soothingly shakes the body along with using some additional strokes which concentrates on the blood circulation and muscle tissues by working on the reflexive joint exercise and deep massaging of the muscles.

The main focus of Esalen massage is energy balancing and psychological welfare of the individual undergoing the healing treatment rather than simply giving a physical massage of the body only.

In short Esalen massage is beneficial for physical, mental and emotional well being of the recipient and it works in a way that mind and body are set into one which will bring in harmony and tranquility for the clients.

Esalen manner of massage was developed arbitrarily while charlotte was exploring the eastern therapeutic modalities and energy work. In fact there very numerous therapists who worked for the development of this massage and many of them were well trained in the Swedish massage practice or deep tissue massage.

However a few of the therapist also knew the basics about Rolfing massage and eastern massages like shiatsu massage or Thai massage in general.

Esalen massage therapy integrates most of the manipulating techniques originated in Swedish massage and further adds to it all the feature of energy exertion as well. The preferred effect from such a combination is to develop a sense of synchronization and equilibrium on the part of the beneficiary.

One can also attain a lot of relaxation along with physical benefits including strengthening of the body in order to promote the curative healing. It also helps the receiver to develop psychosomatic well being by helping to discharge off the tension and stress levels in the mind.

If one has to achieve the maximum benefit from Esalen massage then the therapist should be well-versed with the technique of connecting with the clients on an innate level to look into and understand the thought process and mind in order to find out the problems of the person both at the physical and mental level and for this both the therapist and the recipient needs to work together. Once this level of state is achieved the therapist can easily work on the problem area.