Essential Oils For Hair Growth


An essential oil is basically a concentrated liquid that contains the volatile aroma or essence compounds of the plants. The essential oils are also known as volatile oils.Many essential oil are used to treat a lot of medical diseases. Along with these diseases essential oil is also beneficial for hair growth.It has been seen that using a single essential oil or a blend of two or three essential oil is effective to promote the growth of hairs. In fact these essential oils have been seen to efficiently clean, nurture and reinforce the hair follicles and hair shaft.

Hair Growth

If you want to see your hairs at a much faster pace than they usually tend to show then use of essential oil can help you in this regard by nourishing the hairs and stimulating them to grow more rapidly.

Though the list of essential oil that you can choose from for having long and lustrous hair is long but it is generally according to preference of a person that he selects an essential oil for hair use.

Essential oil
The first oil that you can choose is jojoba oil. The jojoba oil works best for hairs that easily get damaged and are prone to breaks more often. That necessarily does not mean that one has to consider his hair type for using jojoba oil as it works well on any hair type and texture form. The jojoba oil is known to have some healing properties that repair and strengthen the hair and reduce the breakage.

jojoba oil
The second oil is tea tree oil which is one of the best known essential oil for treating the dandruff of hairs. This oil in fact moisturizes your hairs and scalp and thereby prevent the dryness and flaking of the skin scalp. The tea tree oil also reduces the additional oil production occurring in the scalp area so as to prevent the limp and greasy look of the hair and also keep your scalp clean.

tea tree oil

The third essential oil is peppermint oil that facilitates the blood circulation in the hair roots so as to provide nourishment to the hair strands. This essential oil is boon for women who suffer from problem of hair thinning or whose hairs grow at a very slow pace.

peppermint oil

The fourth oil is burdock oil and it also helps to promote growth of hairs by stimulating the blood circulation in the hair follicles. Along with this burdock essential oil is also effective for renewal of hair cell and therefore forms a ground for hair renewal process.

burdock oil