9 Ways To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally


Stretch marks are often a result of pregnancy, weight gain, use of certain medications or a prolonging disease. Although preventing stretch marks is way easier than getting rid of them, but if stretch marks are something you have already incurred; it does not mean that you have to stick with them for eternity.

Remove Stretch Marks

Furthermore, people often feel compelled to go for expensive and risky surgeries in order to do away with the ugly look, but stretch marks can be easily faded naturally. All you require is some care and patience.

Routine Care

Exfoliate the stretch marks with the help of a loofah or a gentle exfoliating cleanser once in every three days. This will remove the topmost layer of scarred, discolored skin that is actually responsible for formation of stretch marks. Make sure that you exfoliate thoroughly but do not scrub the areas that are raw or inflamed. Also exfoliate only once in three days and not more often as over exfoliation may make your skin irritated. After you have exfoliated, wash the skin with water and dry the skin with help of a soft cloth. Make sure that you completely dry your skin from where you have stretch marks and use only light pressure. Massage stretch marks with vitamin E oil.

While everyone is well aware of goodness of vitamin E for skin, massage stimulates growth of fresh, new and unmarked skin. Vitamin E also helps in lightning of stretch marks and speeding the healing process. It is important to make sure that the areas that have stretch marks should remain moisturized throughout the day. You must use a good and rich moisturizer at least twice a day to prevent further tearing of the stretch marks. Also make sure that you protect your skin from sun’s exposure as ultraviolet rays can further damage stretch marks. Always apply a sunscreen when you go out if you do not want to end up permanently darkening your stretch marks.

vitamin E cream

Natural Remedies

Although there are a number of ointments, topical lotions and creams available that boast of treating stretch marks but even if they are not harmful for the skin, these over-the-counter ointments and medications can’t do much to remove stretch marks. Stretch marks generally fade on their own and become considerably less noticeable after a period of time.

However, natural remedies can fasten healing and bestow you with the skin that is ever soft and supple. There are a number of natural substances that contain plenty of Vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and other nutrients and fasten the healing of stretch marks. Some examples are grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter and active Manuka honey.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil contains vitamin E naturally, that too in high levels. Chemically, jojoba oil is quite similar to the oil that is present in human skin and therefore, it suits all skin types. Jojoba Oil also reduces stretch marks and lightens scars.

Jojoba oil

Wheat Germ Oil

Along with its antioxidant effects, wheat germ oil also has a number of essential fatty acid and vitamins; thus, it is an effective treatment for those suffering with stretch marks and other skin conditions. Wheat Jerm Oil is not only dark in color; it also has a strong odor. This is why it is important to blend Wheat Germ Oil with some other oil so that Wheat Germ Oil is only 10 to 15% in the whole formulation.

Wheat Germ Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Full of antioxidants and high level of vitamin E, Grapeseed oil has exceptional skin repairing and stretch marks reducing qualities.

Grapeseed oil

Castor Oil

Even though the oil is quite sticky and thick, it has a property of seeping deep inside the skin without breaking the scar tissue. If you want, you can also mix castor oil with some other oil and rub it smoothly over stretch marks.

Castor Oil

Active Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is widely known for its rejuvenating properties. It also makes skin more elastic by helping in formation of stronger collagen. Manuka Honey also nourishes skin deeply and helps your skin achieve a scar-free look. You may also use Manuka Honey if you are suffering with skin blemishes.

Manuka honey

Shea Butter

Rich in vitamin A, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, Shea butter is a natural emollient and soothes stretch marks as a skin inflammation. It also moisturizes the skin from deep within and helps stretch marks to fade out.

Shea butter

Cocoa Butter

With power to penetrate deeply and moisturize intensely, cocoa butter can work wonders on stretch marks and deliver results that are outstanding.

cocoa butter

Exercises To Reduce Stretch Marks

Exercises greatly help in reducing stretch marks. Exercises increases blood circulation in your body and promote growth of new skin that replaces and fades the old skin that has stretch marks.

 regular exercise

Eat Right Foods And Say Goodbye To Stretch Marks

Eating right is very important to avoid or fade stretch marks. Your body generally gets stretch marks when you do not have the right nutrients. Have balanced meals and supplement your body with nutrients that it requires. A healthy body will also have a skin that is healthy. Avoid taking too much of tea or caffeine as it makes your skin more vulnerable to stretch marks. Nourish your body with olive oil as it increases the skin’s elasticity. You must also increase your water intake and start applying substances (preferably natural) on your skin that help in production of collagen.

You may also use lavender oil on your skin as it is known to remove stretch marks fast and completely. As discussed above, exfoliate your skin once every three days. You can use apricot scrub for exfoliating the skin. The best way to not have stretch marks is to prevent them before they occur. If you’re pregnant, start applying oil that is rich in vitamin E on your skin before stretch marks appear. Also take steps that make you skin more elastic. This way you will not have to worry later and spend money buying special products to cure stretch marks later.

However, if you could not do much before and have already acquired stretch marks, the above mentioned skincare routine and natural remedies will surely help you achieve a stretch-marks free skin.