Facial Mist : An Easy Way To Rejuvinatye Your Skin


Facial mist sprays are basically misting bottles or atomizers that are filled with liquid and especially designed to squirt this liquid in the form of spray on your face.

Homemade Facial Mist

The facial mist sprays are generally refreshing and cool and are nicely fragranced as well that can help you to moisten, pacify and revitalize your face.

The benefits assigned with using a facial mist spray can be either a momentarily transformation in the skin looks especially if your skin is dry and parched or it can also help to refresh your makeup.

facial mist spray

The presence of substances like sunscreen, minerals, and antioxidants make them capable enough to moisturize and protect your skin while some of the facial mist available also can contain herbs or essential oils that is primarily used as a part of aromatherapy to combat the stress level and making the person calm and serene.

These facial mist are available in the market in a variety of preparations you can either select one with ingredients that can suit you. If the cost of such facial spray is difficult on your budget then you can also make one with the help of natural extracts.

Orange flower water and Aloe facial mist

For preparing a facial mist at home for dry skin you will require the following ingredients namely: half cup of mineral water, four tablespoon of orange flower water along with four tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice gel and rose water.

A good quality clean spray bottle is also required in order to fill this facial mist for spraying purpose. This facial moisture mist preparation will require you to mix the distilled water along with the orange flower water and rose water in a pan and heat it for two to three minutes till it gets warmed up.

Then you can remove the pan from the heat and add the Aloe Vera gel to it while stirring it continuously. You can then fill this solution in the misting bottle and refrigerate it for twenty four hours before using them.

aloe facial mist

Grapefruit facial mist

For preparing a grape fruit facial mist at home you will require about a whole grapefruit, a cup of distilled water along with two tablespoon of rosemary herb and three drops of lime essential oil. A bottle with spray nozzle is also required to spray this mist.Start with peeling the grapefruit and then cut it into smaller pieces.

You can then boil a cup of distilled
water in a pan and add the grape fruit pieces and two tablespoon of the rosemary herb to the boiling water followed by letting it on simmer for ten minutes. You can then remove this mixture from the flame and let it cool down.

The next step involves straining the solution followed by addition of lime essential oil to this facial mix. Now is the time to put this mixture in a spray bottle and refrigerate it before using it.