Fish Pedicure:An altogether Different Approach to Clean Your Feet

Fish pedicure is a method to clean your feet with the help of fishes that are called doctor fish against the normal pedicure processes in which you would require to use scrapers, pumice stones and blades.

The fish pedicure method basically
very popular in Turkey but now it’s highly gaining popularity in the Asian countries as well as in America also. This method of pedicure not only exfoliate your skin making it soft and cleansed, it also provides you relaxation.

Two species of fishes namely Garra ruffa and Cyprinion macrostomus are referred as doctor fish and is used for fish pedicure. The doctor fish also holds some nicknames like nibble fish, kangal fish and lickers. Doctor fishes are available abundantly in the hot springs of Kanga in Turkey.

Basically these fishes have an exceptional eating pattern as they tend to consume the dead and unhealthy skin of the people bathing there due to unavailability of natural flora on the part to grow in these hot springs where the fishes are found.

In order to be used in spas these
fishes are basically breed outdoor in pools near the spas where they are fed on the skin of the patients suffering from psoriasis.

These fishes are basically nibbling away the dead skin on the feet of the person undergoing the treatment thereby cleaning the feet. Since the fishes used are toothless they only scrape into the dead layers and clear the unwanted dead skin forming a layer on the soles of feet but do not affect the other skin parts that have healthy cells.

The fish pedicure is a wonderful method to remove the corns, heal fissures and calluses on the feet along with removing other sturdy outgrowths on feet.

In this procedure you will be supposed to immerse your feet in a water tank containing some doctor fishes. The feet have to be left immersed for about half an hour or so depending on the condition of your feet as how long the fishes will take to clear the dead skin leaving.

After you are through with that you are generally provided a foot massage along with nail trimming, filing and application of a nail polish.

Many people who are suffering from psoriasis have gained benefit from fish pedicure but it not a  healing treatment rather it is a method to temporary ease on the symptoms by undergoing fish pedicure after every two or three months.

Fish pedicure can help to keep your feet well hydrated and achieve a fresh, pliable and soft skin texture.