Foot Care For Diabetics

It is always important to take good care of your feet but the need is further increased if you are suffering from diabetes. Basically diabetes involves the presence of higher amount of sugar in the blood and this high blood sugar level could in turn cause problems like nerve damage or improper blood flow to your legs.

Damaged nerves can lead to numbness of feet wherein you are not able to feel any sensation whether heat, cold or pain. Hence most of the times you’re not aware of a sore or cut that occur in your feet.

The American Diabetes Association has estimated that one in every five person who is suffering from diabetes many times seek medical help due to foot problems. The most serious health problems associated with diabetes can be controlled through simply taking proper care of one’s feet.

It is mandatory that you wash your feet daily using a gentle soap and tepid water. After you have washed your feet it is necessary that you pat them dry with a clean towel and then apply a good quality lotion in order to avoid cracking under the feet.

A good and comfortable pair of shoes and socks is a healthy answer to many of the foot problems as it helps to maintain your feet’s comfort and thereby do not allow any foot problems to surface. Also try and avoid wearing heels as much as possible to avoid many foot related problems.

Always examine your feet on daily basis and do check both the top and bottom of your feet for any cracks, blisters, and sores along with cuts, and scratches.

Also look for ingrown toenails or corns on the feet and in case of any blister apply a bandage and change the pair of shoes you were wearing. Check the tops and bottoms of your feet. Have someone else look at your feet if you cannot see them.

Keep in mind to keep your nails
clean along with getting them trimmed and filed regularly. While cutting your nails do remember to soak them in water so that they soften up; to make trimming fast and smooth. Another tip that you should follow is that do not cut the nails to the corners of the toe.