Foot Detox Pads Can Help To Cleanse your Body Naturally


People generally ill treat their body by having food and drinks that are not healthy. Additionally our surrounding have got so much polluted that the air we breathe or the water we drink is also polluted as well and these have lead to accumulation of heavy metals and other harmful toxins.

Clean body

In our body which can have serious side effects on the body like reduction in the mineral and vitamins absorption along with reducing the rate of metabolism in the body.

In order to remove these heavy metals and other harmful chemicals from the body people generally search for an easy option, which is simple and not at all strenuous or arduous.One such method involved can be attained by using the foot detox pads that are made from organic ingredients like herbs and organic wood vinegar and rely on the fact of body’s reflexology.

organic wood vinegar

It is said that the sole of the feet has 60 acupressure points and applying this detox pads on any such specific point can help to detoxify the specific organ of the body and if you have any particular area to cleanse you can always go through the foot reflexology or acupressure chart to help you in this regard.


If you are new in using a foot detox pads, you can start with the arch area as it contains the most number of acupressure points located on it. Some common areas for it to cleanse includes the liver, gall bladder, kidney, pancreas, duodenum and adrenal glands.

Using foot detox pad

Further a person can use a detox pad for additional advantages like to do away with body aches, step up the metabolism along with the benefit of weight reduction and increasing strength and vigor.

Body ache

It is advised that you keep on these detox pads for at least eight hours. So you can use them while you retire to bed in order to sleep. You just need to clean your feet along with drying them and remove the tapes and place it on the specific area to detox and press it so as the foot pad does not move from its place.

Remove tape

The next day when you get up you will notice that the foot pads have changed its color and appear to be soiled and release a foul smell. A continued usage of these organic pads is needed to remove the toxins and improve the overall well being of a person.