Get Rid Of Age Spots Naturally

Age spots are basically one of the signs of aging that begin to show up on your face and body as you grow old. Mainly the age spots are grey, brown or black spots on the skin that have resulted due to compilation of skin pigments as a result of revelation to the sun. Age spots are sometimes also referred as liver spots or solar lentigo.

One can easily evidence age spots
on the hands and forehead as one begins to rise above the steps of age ladder of fifties. Age spots though are not harmful in any regard but their appearance can make your skin look dull and leave an uneven looking skin complexion.

Mostly these age spots are found in areas that continuously are exposed to the sunlight which leads to acceleration of the melanin production on the epidermis which leads to tanning of skin in order to protect the skin from any harmful effects of sun rays.

Many a times, these melanin pigment molecules get clumped together due to being produced in a large amount which leads to development of age spots and results in skin discoloration.

Age spots can be taken care of by freezing, skin sanding, electric needle and lasers but all of them are expensive and unnatural way to treat the age spots. So if you want to treat them in a natural way then these tips might be useful for you.

The first remedy you can try is by rubbing the Aloe Vera juice or gel on the age spots. This will help them to fade away fast. For quick and best results apply this gel at least twice a day for a month or two to see the age spots lighten up.

The second cure calls for using apple cider vinegar. For using this remedy you will require to mix apple cider vinegar with orange juice and apply on the spots with the help of cotton wool. This is one of the effective methods for age spots.

Application of Castor oil on the age spots once in the morning and once in the evening will help to diminish the age spots in a fast and effective manner.

The fourth remedy involves buttermilk. You simply need to soak a cotton patch in buttermilk and dab the solution on the marks. The lactic acid present in the skin will help to fade away the age spots.

Application of fresh lemon juice twice a day is one of the valuable remedy to lighten up the age spots.