10 Way To Get Rid Of Heartburn Forever By Avoiding Certain Foods


Heartburn, also termed as acid reflux, is a health related condition, in which there is excessive build up of acid in the stomach. There is extreme pain and irritation in the abdominal area due to heartburn. Normally people consider heartburn as a form of cardiovascular problem, as the name implies; however, the disease is not at all associated with heart problem.


By taking care of the diet plan, you can get rid of heartburn successfully. However, it is essential to know about the factors which cause heartburn, so that the problem can be solved effectually. There are several causes of heartburn, as explained below.

Causes Of Heartburn

A few factors which cause heartburn are explained here:

Excessive Intake Of Junk Foods

Fast foods and junk foods have a tendency to reduce the digestion process, hence exerting pressure in stomach. This causes acid reflux.

Junk Foods

Consumption Of Alcohol

Intake of alcohol has an impact on the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) which results in the formation of acid in the stomach, consequently resulting in heartburn.

limit alchol

Intake Of Tomatoes

Eating tomatoes relaxes the LES, hence causing acid reflux.


Tobacco Smoking

This is one of the main factors responsible for buildup of acid in the stomach, and is also very harmful for the lungs due to the harmful chemicals present in the cigarette smoke.

Tobacco smoking

Citrus Juices

Though citrus juices and fruits are considered to be good for health, yet they may lead to acid reflux if consumed in excess.

Citrus juice

Bigger Meals

Consuming large portions of meals would exert excessive pressure on LES, hence resulting in the food to reflux into esophagus.

large meals

Sleeping Immediately After Dinner

There are increasing chances of being affected by heartburn, if a person sleeps immediately after having food. The digestive system does not get adequate time to perform its functions appropriately, hence causing heartburn.


Ways To Get Rid Of Heartburn

After learning about several causes of heartburn, now is the time to learn about ways of getting rid of the problem. By excluding certain foods from the diet plan, the problem of heartburn can be dealt in a successful way. Here are some of the diet tips which should be taken into consideration while seeking measures with respect to getting rid of heartburn.

Restrict The Consumption Of Processed And Fast Foods

People, who consume fast foods on regular basis, often complain about the problem of heartburn. So, it is imperative to exclude such foods from the regular diet program, to allow the digestive system to function adequately. Also, processed foods are enriched with artificial products and fats, which ruin the digestive system’s health, and hence should be avoided for allowing proper functioning of the digestive system.

Fast foods

Avoid The Intake Of Chocolates

Chocolate contains methylxanthine, which exerts pressure on the LES, hence causing acid reflux. So, chocolates should not be consumed for attaining relief from heartburn.


Restrict The Consumption Of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits should not be a part of the diet program for people suffering from the problem of heartburn.

citrus fruits

Abandon Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are no doubt delicious and mouth watering. However, these foods result in burning sensation in the stomach and result in formation of acid, if consumed in excessive amount. So, extreme care should be taken with regard to consumption of spicy foods, which should be consumed in moderation. If possible try avoiding such foods in your regular eating habits.

Spicy food

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of alcohol should be abandoned as alcohol aggravates the reflux in stomach and causes heartburn. Also, excessive alcohol consumption is very bad for the entire health and may result in cardiac problems, which may in turn prove to be deadly.

Avoid alcohol

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks like sodas and colas have a very bad impact on the health of the digestive system and should be excluded from the regular eating plan to maintain proper digestive health.

Apart from restricting the above defined foods, it is recommended to follow the below given dietary practices, so that you can get rid of heartburn in a natural and successful way.

Carbonated drinks

Heartburn Diet Program- Practices To Follow

While remaining on the healthy diet program to get rid of heartburn, it is mandatory to follow certain healthy diet related practices, so that you remain healthy and fit. A few practices which would help in keeping heartburn at bay are discussed here.

Heartburn Diet

Proper Dietary Plan

First of all, it is vital for an individual to develop a diet plan in such as way that the digestion process is improved. A very good step in this regard is to divide the entire day’s meals into several small sized portions instead of eating three large meals during the day. This would not only aid in digestion, but would also help in boosting up the metabolic rate, which is extremely important for remaining healthy and energetic throughout the day.

healthy food

Get Rid Of Extra Body Weight

Obesity is a major contributing factor towards heartburn. For getting rid of heartburn, it is crucial to maintain proper body weight by cutting down on your calorie intake.

proper exercise

Include Healthy Foods In The Diet

Good amount of fiber intake is recommended so as to allow the digestive system to perform its functions appropriately. Green vegetables and fresh fruits contain extensive amount of fiber content and ought to be included in the diet as the major foods, so that the body obtains adequate fiber content to eliminate toxins from the body successfully, subsequently improving the functioning of the digestive system. Also, intake of these foods would be of large support in augmenting overall health.

After going through all the discussion with respect to causes of heartburn, and the solutions to deal with the problem, it is clear that a healthy diet pattern and healthy foods would provide the best results. You would be able to get rid of heartburn in a successful way by following a dietary plan which does not include unhealthy food items like fast foods, spicy foods, and chocolates, and consists of healthy food items like green vegetables and fruits which do not result in acid build up in the stomach.

healthy diet