How To Get Rid of Vaginal Cuts

It is really very essential that you first go through the reasons of the cuts as this can create a big problem at the time of sex. The thing of pleasure can change into pain. So let’s just first go through the reason of vaginal cuts. First and the most common reason for it is menopause. As your age grows and fluid secretion decreases in your body the changes of skin becoming dry increases. So first solution over here is to take care of your vaginal skin by using good amount and quality of oil.

Vaginal Cuts

You can use here the oil which will leave your skin oily for a longer time. Do not use any drying oil as the skin will soak it in no time and again the effect of it will not be seen. The other reason can be the position of your sex. If you have tried some other position then the normal one for the first time and which you made comfortable compulsorily then that can be the reason because sometimes your skin is not ready for the sudden change and also it becomes difficult to let the penis enter in.

So here you can take few special care as to if you are really comfortable then go ahead or else try something else. You can definitely convince your partner for something other than what you are not comfortable in. The third reason can be the cheap quality of sex toys you might be using. Sometimes the quality matters a lot as the material by which the toys are made are not always good and due to which it becomes the reason for vaginal dryness leading to cuts.

use oil

Even sometimes the material is such that after using it for two times, the third time you use it the material itself can create directly the cuts which is really very harmful. Here you definitely have to be aware of the quality you are using without looking at the cost. The fourth most common reason can be the amount in which you have done sex.

I mean to say if you are regularly involved in sex then there are chances that your skin becomes very dry. Allow your skin and your body to refresh and relax. That will give you energy as well as mood to be in it once more. If you take care of these simple few things than you can assure of having pleasure instead of pain.

Relax body