Getting Rid of Dandruff: The Natural Way

Dandruff is one of the most irritating and yet very common scalp condition that a person can be afflicted with. Dandruff is caused by a fungus which is already present in one’s scalp, it is called Malassezia. Dandruff occurs when due to certain external condition this fungus multiplies and causes itchiness and consistent dryness and a flaky substance to emerge constantly from the scalp.

There are various reasons why this fungus multiplies out of proportion, the chief among them being unhygienic scalp condition due to infrequent wash, stress, hormonal problems, illness health, an oily scalp, shampooing in hot water, blow drying or sometimes due to excessive dryness because of less consumption of fluids.

People try hundred different things to get rid of the dandruff but nothing seems to keep this persistent pest at bay. Many resort to harsh and rough chemical treatments, bringing more harm than benefit to the situation as well the hair. Chemical dandruff seems to work for some, however the content of the products that are used for the treatment leaves the hair damaged and dry leading to even worse conditions.

Besides the determined dandruff comes back to reside in your scalp the moment the effect of the chemicals diminish. But the good news is that there are much more effective and harmless methods to get rid of dandruff and these are all natural methods. Not only the dandruff stays away with the regular usage of these means but also your hair and scalp remains unharmed. Read on to discover some natural and easy to apply home methods to get rid of all types of dandruff.

Vinegar: Vinegar, especially apple cider has been known to get help get rid of dandruff. This mainly happens due to the acidic nature of vinegar which helps restore the acid and alkaline balance in the scalp. For the treatment, cider vinegar can be directly applied to the scalp an hour or two before shampooing. The application should not be more than a couple of tablespoons and should be applied with cotton into the scalp. Alternatively, vinegar can be diluted with 50% water and applied to the hair. If diluted, no shampooing is required. This can be done twice in a week and continued till the condition is better.

Coconut oil: Applying coconut oil regularly has been known to get rid of the dandruff, especially if the condition is not extreme. This should be done as soon as the dandruff is discovered instead of waiting for the condition to worsen.

Lemon: Like vinegar, lemon also helps to curb dandruff because of its acidic nature. But lemon causes excessive dryness and roughness if applied regularly so usage should be limited to a few tablespoons and to a few times in a week.

Onion: Raw onion juice, when massaged on the scalp and kept for an hour before shampooing helps to get rid of mild dandruff.

Tea tree oil and Rosemary oil: Both tea tree and rosemary oils have anti fungal qualities and are very good for the scalp. Regular application of both these oils can help in getting rid of the dandruff.

In addition to following the above, you also need to have a balanced and nutritive diet. Including biotin rich diet like, eggs, milk, liver etc and cutting out or limiting foods which has a high sugar content and also yeast products like fermented items, baked goods cheese alcoholic beverages etc will also help in keeping dandruff at bay.