Good Nutrition Needs For An Optimal Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular HealthMaintaining proper cardiovascular health is extremely crucial if you want to live long, happy and healthy life. There are a number of deaths every year due to cardiovascular problems, with heart attack or stroke being the major responsible factor.  There are several factors which have an impact on the cardiac health of an individual.

Cardiovascular problems mainly arise due to high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, bat nutrition and stress. Lifestyle and behavior of the person are also responsible for bad cardiac health. Smoking and alcohol consumption are the two major triggers for heart attack, when it comes to talking about bad lifestyle.

So, apart from seeking effectual measures with respect to keeping your cholesterol level, blood pressure, stress and diet under control, it is particularly imperative to quit smoking and alcohol consumption. The tips given below would be of great help in determining your nutritional needs and keeping your cardiac health in good state.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the difficult tasks for both adults and teenagers. Not only adults, but youngsters are also involved in the practice of smoking. Smoking is not only harmful for the heart health, but is also considered to be damaging for the lungs. So, both youngsters and adults should learn about the harmful effects of smoking and leave this bad habit as soon as possible, so that their life span is increased.

Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Maintaining optimum weight of the body is immensely crucial to attain healthy heart. You should get yourself involved in regular workouts, so that excess fat is not accumulated on the body.  Doing consistent workouts would be of huge help in shedding off extra body weight and keeping you in good health. Also, the metabolic rate would be enhanced and your stamina and energy level would be amplified.

Leaving Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is very bad for overall health. It is one of the major reasons for heart attack. Though consuming a little amount of wine occasionally does not pose much risk; however, excessive consumption may prove to be deadly at times. There are many people who die of heart problems related to extreme intake of alcoholic drinks. So such drinks should be discarded from life if you have the desire of living a healthy and long life.

Maintaining Optimum Cholesterol

Maintaining good level of cholesterol is essentially significant for acquiring healthy heart. You should keep the cholesterol level under control by eating nutritious foods, going for a regular walk, and abandoning oily foods from the diet. Also, going out for a walk daily for half an hour would be of large support for cardiovascular health. Taking fresh air in early morning is regarded to be very good for heart patients and helps considerably in preventing heart attack.

Maintaining Optimum Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a severe problem and is tremendously risky for the heart. In order to maintain optimum level of blood pressure, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle by including regular workouts in your daily routine, emphasizing on good nutrition, and abandoning junk foods from the diet. All these measures would naturally assist in lowering down the blood pressure, subsequently proving to be heart friendly.

Good Nutrition

Taking care of the diet plan plays a vital role in obtaining good cardiovascular health. It is advised to focus more on the intake of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Also, protein should form an essential mineral in your diet plan to be in good health. Further, it is advised to eat healthy protein sources like lean meat and plant based products, which are healthy for the heart.

Also, all junk foods and fast food items should be eliminated from the diet, as the fat content present in these foods is too high and puts the heart at great risk, which may even result in heart failure. A few diet related tips with respect to healthy heart are given below.

Good fats

Good fats should be incorporated in the diet plan, as they are healthy for the heart. Avocados, olive oil and fish are a few examples of foods rich in good fats.

Animal protein

Animal proteins should form essential dietary elements as they are enriched with vital amino acids, which cannot be created by the body on their own. In terms of animal proteins, lean meats such as chicken and turkey are the best options.  Also, eggs are considered to be good sources of animal proteins. Among meats, red meat ought to be avoided for obtaining healthy heart.

Rice protien

Rice protein, which refers to the protein obtained through brown rice, is engrossed with various amino acids, subsequently proving to be beneficial for heart and guarding against any kind of food allergy. Also this source of protein is a very good alternative for vegetarians and vegans.

Protein supplements

Taking supplements of protein in the regular diet plan may prove to be healthy for the heart. Protein supplements are available in the form of liquid, bars and powder. The contents may be based on either animal protein or plant protein. While selecting the supplements, you should make sure that they do not contain excess fat and sugar content.

Whey protein

Whey protein is regarded to be beneficial for heart. It comes in powder form in two different types viz isolate and concentrate, with the former having 90% protein content and the latter having 30%-85% protein content. Isolate version is expensive, but is more beneficial for heart patients and lactose intolerant people.

Good carbs

A healthy and nutritious diet should not be free of carbohydrates. Though, it is believed by most of the people that carbohydrates are not good for health; however, the fact is that it is necessary to incorporate good amount of carbs in the diet. You should focus more on the consumption of good carbs as against bad carbs, so that your body attains healthy nutrients. Pastas, fruits, vegetables and whole grains are a few examples of good carbs which should be included in the diet plan as an important part of good nutrition.

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