Good Sex for Better Health

It is been proved that good sex has a healing and therapeutic effect on your health. Sex is a revamping and replenishing act. It is the very spice in life, which could drive you crazy.

Sex for better health

Indulging in sex tones up your body, personality and self esteem. Always be creative with sex and be alert while indulging in this spicy act. However, if you are careless and unprotected, it could ruin your life.

Tones up your body

Studies have proved that sex makes you brainy. Regular sex could improve your IQ. Sex increases your self confidence due to extra endorphins and serotonin pumping through your body.


Sex could chase blues away. It controls mild depression. The endorphin produced during orgasm produce a sense of euphoria, which gives you a feeling of well-being.Sex is a wonderful exercise. It could burn up a staggering 150 calories per 30 minutes. It tones and stretches every muscle in the body making you smart.

Sex exercise

The sexually twisted and triggered body gives off greater quantities of pheromones or sex scent. This makes you hot, inviting and irresistible to the opposite sex.

The male super hormone testosterone is essential for the health of many of the body’s systems. Winter is the perfect time for having more sex, as it hep to keep many ailments at bay. It is a natural antihistamine combating stuffy noses, asthma and fever. Sex helps in reducing migraine and the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


Production of oestrogen in females during sex keeps their hair shining and skin glowing. The sweat produced during sex clears the pores.

Keep shining your hair

Have you heard of sexier days? That is the first 1-5 days during menstrual cycle is devoid of any libido because oestrogen level at this period is very low. But once the menstrual days are over oestrogen level increases, making you sexy. At day 14 when you are ovulating oestrogen level is at its peak and triggers your mood for sex.

oestrogen level

For the best part of sexual encounter, the options are foreplay, actual sex, the closeness afterwards and all of the above.