Hair Care -How To Protect Hair From The Sun

Hair is the crowning glory of women. It is very important to protect the hair from the harmful environmental factors, so that the health and beauty of the hair are not deteriorated. The sun’s rays have a harmful impact on the health of the hair. The sun produces ultra violet rays which make the hair dry, dull and brittle.

Dry scalp may lead to dandruff in the hair. You may feel itching and irritation on the scalp. Natural oils from the hair may be lost due to excessive exposure of the hair to sun. This would make the hair dry and weak, thus resulting in hair loss. Thus, there is no doubt that the sun’s rays are very harmful for the hair.

You should make sure to go for hair care methods
which would help in protecting the hair from the harsh rays of the sun. Some of the effective hair care methods have been listed below.

First of all, you should make sure to cover your hair
every time you go out in the sun. You can make use of a hat or scarf to protect the hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

Make use of nourishing oils before washing the hair. This would help in restoring the lost moisture in the hair.

The hair styling products that you use should be enriched with sunscreen, so that the hair are protected from the ultra violet rays of the sun.

The shampoo and conditioner
that you use should be moisturizing in nature. This would help in keeping the hair soft and smooth.

Warm oil scalp massage would help a great deal in nourishing and moisturizing the hair. You should massage the hair with warm olive oil at least twice in a week. Apply warm olive oil on the hair at night and wash the hair next day in the morning to attain soft, smooth, luxurious and well moisturized hair.

Going for a nice hair cut in summers
is a very good way to maintain the health and beauty of the hair. You would be easily able to manage short hair in summers and wash them frequently, thus preventing hair damage. The problems of sweat, dirt and dust in the hair would be prevented in a great way if you keep your hair short.