Hair Care In Winters

With the winter setting in soon, everybody starts to think about the condition of the hair the cold and dry winds will be causing to their hair. At this time of season most of us suffer from dry hair along with appearance of dandruff all of a sudden. Even the hairs starts to fall in more numbers and the hair seem to lose the shine and glow.

Some important tips and tricks can always help you to have great healthy hairs even during the winter season and you can very well see that the dandruff problem has also not resurfaced again.

The first tip is to avoid too much use of shampoo
as it tends to wash off the natural protective oils present in the hairs making them drier all of a sudden. Restrict you hair wash to two to three times a week and also use a mild shampoo instead f the harsh ones that forms too much of lather. It is even wiser if you go for an herbal preparation in order to clean up your hairs.

Washing off hairs should do not be done with hot water as
it makes our scalp and hairs dry and can often result into flaking of the skin scalp. You can use normal water for washing up your hairs. If you are not comfortable using normal water then go for warm water but the duration of the wash up should not be stretched with warm water as it will also make your hairs dry.

Do remember to apply a conditioner after every wash as it will provide the lost moisture to the hairs removing the parchedness of hairs.

Do not comb your hairs when they are wet as wet hairs tend to break off more easily. It is better that you dry your hairs first and then run down a hair brush to manage your hairs.

It is also recommended that you massage
your hairs regularly with herbal hair oil. It is even better if you use take a hot oil treatment once a week. It will help to improve the blood circulation and provide nourishment and moisture to the hair shafts and scalp.

While moving out it is better if you wrap and cover your hairs as it will protect the hairs from direct revelation to the cold weather.