Hair extensions:Simple And Quick Method to Get Long Hairs

Have you always longed for long hairs but never had the opportunity to have them due to your hair quality getting limp and split ends as the hairs acquired length and you had to cut them short or even due to lack of time to take proper care of your tresses then hair extensions can be a complete solution for you to get those long length of hairs in a very short time.

Hair Extensions are in demand these days and many women are interested in various types of tag on hairs since the time when Jessica Simpson hair-do line using clip hair extensions came into limelight. Another benefit of a clip on hair extension is that one does not need to apply these extensions daily and keep them on for sometime along with the benefit of convenient removal as required.

These extensions are available in a variety of forms .The most commonly hair extension though falls in the category of either clip –in extensions, bonding extension or fusion.

The hairs that are used in hair extensions are available in two forms-either synthetic or natural. The synthetic hairs are made up of fiber materials while the natural hairs resemble the human hair type. The color of the hairs that are chosen should correspond to your natural hair colors and for this they are available in a variety of colors, texture and length to suit your needs.

Among all the hair extensions available in the market, clip-in hair extensions are the most simple to use and can also be done at home. If you select the correct hair color, length and texture of the add-on hairs you can achieve a perfect and desired look.

In this type of hair extensions the length of the hairs are improved with tiny clips which are very easy to install as well as easy to remove. This method is fact is also safe for your hairs as it does not involve the use of materials like glue or heat in order to fix the hair extensions with your natural hairs.

The other method is fusion method in which hair accessories are simply attached to your hairs with the help of glue to form a keratin bond. Many a times some waxes are also used as keratin bond.

This method is far more time consuming than clip-in hair extensions and the chemical glue used in this can sometime prove to be harmful for the hairs. You can remove these extensions any time you want by just removing the glue with fusion remover.

The third method of bonding hair extensions is more of a semi-permanent way of hair extension that lasts for four months or so and its better that this method is not done at home and rather you should get some professional help as this process is a bit more complicated than others.