Hair Loss Remedies And Solutions For Hair Re-Growth


hair loss remedies

Hair loss is a highly disturbing factor which creates lot of tension and stress. The problem of hair loss can occur due to various factors like serious illness, intake of certain drugs, improper hair care, lack of nutrition, hormonal imbalance, exposure to heat, and use of chemicals on the hair.

Before going for medical treatment to restrict hair fall, you should try some natural home remedies. A few solutions and remedies for hair re-growth are discussed below.

Indian gooseberry is regarded as a very good solution for hair loss. It is recommended to drink gooseberry extract to get quick results with respect to reduction in hair loss. Also, rubbing the oil of gooseberry on the scalp two or three times in a week would help in restricting hair loss.

Indian gooseberry

Massaging olive oil on the scalp is a very good treatment for hair loss. Olive oil is enriched with moisturizing properties, which helps in feeding the hair with proper nutrition to encourage hair growth and inhibit hair loss. Regular warm olive oil scalp massage would be of great support in augmenting the health and quality of the hair.

olive oil

Drinking eight glasses of water daily is considered to be a remarkable solution for restricting hair fall. Water helps in keeping the digestive system in good health, and flushes away the toxins from the body, thus maintaining good health of the hair.

driking water

Avoiding the use of chemicals on the hair would incredibly lend a hand in preventing hair loss. Hair perming and hair coloring involve the use of chemicals on the hair, thus ruining the quality of the hair. So, if you stop using chemicals on hair, hair loss would be restricted.

A well balanced diet which comprises of healthy foods like green vegetables, fish, milk, fruits, nuts and eggs would be of great support in revitalizing and rejuvenating the health of hair. These foods contain vital nutrients like proteins, good fats, iron and zinc, which are regarded as very good for the hair.


Increased anxiety and stress can cause hair loss. Going for regular exercises and yoga can help in reducing the anxiety and stress level, thus helping in inhibiting hair loss.